[Complete] Offline from 10AM BST (9AM UTC)

Morning everyone,

We’re going to be offline briefly this morning as we roll out the latest update to Boundless!

Patch notes etc to follow as always


To celebrate update day i will get one of these for breakfast :partying_face:


I hear venerable gum is a key ingredient in that dish


Going for the tradition scots breakfast I see!

And then possibly spend half the day in the loo!

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What is that?

That is what is known as a ‘munchie box’!


Breakfast o’ champions pal :wink:

fidach knows

…but… porridge… :bowl_with_spoon:


Lol breakfast. After looking it up it sounds like something I would eat after smoking with a few of my buddies, when I used to do that stuff(stupid young adult days)

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Yeah, keep up with the times!

Its the new traditional breakfast, all that oats ain’t good for you.

Much better with a munchie box and a bottle of 'bru!

It looks like the box says pizza; but that doesn’t look anything like a pizza to me, just a big mess of something.

It is interesting to see what some consider good food and others feel it is yuck! Pickled pigs feet, pig brains, insects, fish eggs, and much more that some go good eats, and others go gag! Gonna toss my lunch at the thought of eating that!

Went to get on and got the notice that the servers will be down in 10 minutes. Is it the farming update or a fix for something?

I know it said update, but that doesn’t mean farming, just hoping it is.

It’s the venerable forging update probably

okay, wonder what is being changed. Been to busy gathering to pay attention to what else is going on.

No pie no party

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Here’s the testing notes

Sweet, I have been looking forward to the Venerable buffs.


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It’s 2 AM here right now, and that looks SOOO good.

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4am here and I concur it looks good. Unfortunately when I get off work(6am) there’s really nothing good open yet. The good places open at 7-8am and im not staying at work for an hour longer than I need to lol.