[COMPLETE] Scheduled downtime this morning at 9.45 UTC

PSA: For those who haven’t seen the announcement in-game, we’re going to have a little downtime this morning at 9.45 UTC while we roll out the latest update. Shouldn’t be out for long!


Nooooo I was about to repair my coils and go to bed haha

any Release notes? :slight_smile:

Full patch notes to follow - but the Testing release notes are still up in the meantime;

Yippie, just got both my characters full of resources from the last exo I needed it from just as it booted me. Whew…

now for sleep, work and Boundless again tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

okay my question was a littlebit early ^^
But why goes the live Server down if its a testing Update? sorry for the question if i have something not understand in english

the testing phase is over and now going live…the final release notes will be released soon.

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No problem! The version which we currently have on Testing is being moved to the Live version. The updated patch notes should be out any minute now…

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thank you :slight_smile: