COMPLETE - Server downtime at 4PM GMT - Gleambow Balance tweaks incoming


Thanks guys very much appreciated!


Awesome! Thanks for reacting so fast. Glad you are willing to change running events.
Time to try it out now :slightly_smiling_face:


seems worse now. only see one every 20 mins maybe and they are way to far to get to.
I have 6 in agility and full grapple mastery with grapple epic and cant make it to one before it
is over with. Spent like the last 2 almost 3 hours with no success.

Anyway thanks for trying to make it better XD. Just wish i had a chance. seems like the ones that
spawn for me are a whole region away and there is nobody else around so i am the one spawning them.


ok i got one…just felt like i had to reply on here for it to happen XD


I’ve never seen a post get 40 likes so fast! :joy:


yep. fun.


and black wood!



Ooh. I want loads of that Black Wood. Gonna wait for the farming though. Doubt I’d get enough for what I want it for from the event lol.


I’m happy too yippi! I play solo so this is fab news


ooh nice! charred wood look for builds! like campfire :smiley:
I got some white wood :heart_eyes:


I’ve typed so many replies to this and then deleted for fear of being banned… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is this actually working because i only get normal meteor ?


Was working for me…wasn’t out that long but got 4 gleambow meteorites after patch.


I’ve been going non-stop since the fix and I haven’t spawned a single gleambow. Filled out nearly two entire T3 atlases in the process (figured I’d multitask.) Nothing but normal meteors. Maybe I’m doing something wrong… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


yeah managed to get 2 but idk fi it worth the time to get 2 small meteor.


still not enjoying this event. Ran around like an idiot for an hour and a half. Going to have an early night.
Still a virgin.


yeah, idk how the mechanic works but they should make it so it spawn more often.


One spawned for me after about 15-20 minutes of running around, wasn’t able to complete it in time though, then nothing for the next half hour, not even regular ones. Will try again tomorrow.


Thank you for the changes.

Have lost track of the meteor multiple times, so will welcome changes to that when they happen.


I just tried it solo and oh wow, had four gleambow ones in quick succession! A couple of normal ones too that I just ignored.


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