[COMPLETE] Server Downtime planned for 1100 UTC on April 10th


EDIT: We’re Live! Patch Notes to follow.

Hello folks,

We’re planning to update the game tomorrow morning at 1100 UTC, so servers will be offline for a short while. Thanks for your patience - full update notes will be out once we have them. I’ll post some more detail on Exoworlds too for those who haven’t had a chance to check them out



Oooooh!! Exciting!


Man work life is tedious sometimes. Lol


Lol lets skip work day. Boss life


The wait is finally overrrrr! (In capital - because the forum wouldnt let me capitalize it all and shout it out)


Soon …baylife


Gotta hurry up and finish leveling. . busy busy busy


hope someone will post some pics for me to salivate over at work…
new block colours…


Here’s a small countdown until 1100 UTC on April 10th:

Hype for exoplants intensifies!


All of you have the flu and must go home immediately!


Cough Cough…


I some how missed this important detail… BAH!


Nice, and thanks to you all for all your work, much appreciated! :grinning:


thursday and friday off :slight_smile: hopefully they’ll be some planet left by then :rofl:
there will not on saturday :sunglasses:


Please dont be yellow rocks
Please dont be yellow rocks
Please dont be yellow rocks


= 12:00 BST (just in case!)


one planet just for you my friend… all the yellow shades possible lol :stuck_out_tongue:


White mud with black spot!!! Hopefully.


Noooooooo :persevere::joy:


There are two of us working on that then :+1: :grin: