[Complete] Shop Scanner Offline - Investigation Ongoing

EDIT: We are back online, and have reactivated the Shop Scanner. We hope to have isolated the issue, but of course please continue to report any issues in the meantime.

Hello all,

We’re aware of issues with the shop scanner, and have had to temporarily disable it while we investigate further. Thank you for your reports.

Thanks for your patience everyone, we’ll let you know when we’ve isolated the problem but for the time being, we’ll be leaving the Shop Scanner offline.


Edited post to reflect the current state of play


Update: We’ll be offline briefly in 5 mins. More news to follow when we have it…


Thanks for the communication!


Yep, thanks for the communication and no worries - appreciate all your work so much! :smiley:

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Alright, another update folks. We are back online, and we have reactivated the scanner. We hope to have isolated the problem - please let us know of any issues!

Thanks for your patience eveyone. I’ll update the OP to reflect the latest


you guys are working incredibly hard! thank you!

p.s. i am switching on my ps4 right now to see the shop scanner update :slight_smile:


Som I still don’t have any new tabs in my knowledge page. Is the shop scanner somewhere else?

From reading this I would assume that when you look at an item in the knowledge tab the item will have tabs for buy and sell. I however can not confirm this.

Thank you! I miss understood it. It’s working for me

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There still appears to be a small issue with the scanner not displaying information. Changing worlds appears to fix this for now - we’ll continue to investigate in the meantime.


Sam I found your house yesterday :blush:

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the uncut prices wars to come. I will not be partaking.

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I’m not trying to be a smartA** or anything but are you saying “enjoy the undercutting price wars that will soon be happening”? I got the rest. Brain must only be working on 1/2 the cylinders today.

Is it offline again?

Is it online again…kidding lol

When I go to Gyosha it’s not working. When I look for items on other planets, it’s working


Other planets

Which world? It’s possible - there is an outstanding issue where it can stop responding for a world.

Not sure what it is about Gyosha that causes it to go offline.

It was working fine on Gyosha a few minutes ago. I’ve been checking several planets.

Not working on:

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