-Completed- 50k Grand Prize Ice Grappling race, time attack in Sasquatchville -Lorgar Winner-

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that SasquatchVille is hosting the first ever Ice Grappling time attack contest.
It is composed for 1000m of icy jumps, obstacles, a tunnel a loads of fun.

The rules are as follow :

  • Starting now the tournament will last 7 days
    -Your time can only be registered by me and @PrincessMaude
    -Only one timed entry per participant
    -Any type of grappling hook is allowed, those who do not possess a gem hookshot grapple will be provided one for a few practice runs and the official run (here is a picture of the grapple ill lend)
    -exiting the track during the time trial (due to excessive jumping) gives no penality other than the time required to get back on the track

Space for official time registry :
Lorgar 1:11 (new lead time!!)
Funte 1:12
Megatron 1:23
Lord-proteus. 1:29
PrincessMaude 1:38
ElSioui 1:45. (test run)
Trugi: 2:55

Those who want to participate can contact me on the forum or in game via my mailbox at the AFK park in Sasquatchville

Here are some screenshots of the track, I hope to see you in numbers.

Its located in Sasquatchville, Alder.
Accessible via the
PS hub on Bitula (behind Lamblis portal)
Hubbit Network Alder hub
and a ton of other portals :wink:
-1305N,191E on Alder


Ill be in game all day if anyone wants to have a try, whisper ElSioui on Alder

I just had my first 3 real contestants on the racetrack. I introduced them to their first grappling hook moments before when they saw the signs for the contest in town.
I gave them each a official grapple, we did a few lapses to get them used to it and it was really fun!

April 24th, third day on the contest
We had new contestants who tried the track today, lots of fun, some decided to train a bit before having their timed run.

And now we have a new best time of 1:12!! Will someone beat Funte time?


This is awesome :slight_smile:
For your next attraction you should do a giant pachinko machine :blush:

Thanks @DKPuncherello

Ill have to do some research for the pachinko, seen my forum avatar play it a few times but never actually seen the real thing work :wink:

Thanks again to everyone who tried my contest, Ill be there later today if anyone want to do a timed run.

still plenty of time to practice for those who haven’t tried yet.

No one managed to beat the 1:12 time yet!!

but many tried or trained to take the challenge!

I’ll be availaible today, starting now for those who wish to make their official run or who want to make a friendly race for practice.

Best day for europeans to come and try the challenge as i’m available during hours more friendly to u today

Edit: NEW Developpements

First contestant of the day @Lorgar managed to beat the ancient record by a hair!! Good job

New time to beat is 1:11 !!

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Only 5 hours left to the competition ( ends at 21:30 EST ) Ill be in game shortly to time anyone who wants a chance at the grand prize.

Best time is still 1:11.69

No one achieved to beat @Lorgar tonight so he wins the grand prize!!

Ill try to get to you in game soon to give you ur prize

Next competition soon! details to come

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Really nice and fun track.
Thank you for hosting the tournament. Made it even more exciting and it was so close in the end.

Can only recommend to try it out. Ideally race with fall damage protection.

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