[Completed] Buying Cold Tan Foliage


black marble rulezzzz

and when all is black&white, other colors (like the coil zaps) stand out - makes me think about the sin city movie


im kind of sad i built all this under ground lol nobody will ever see it


so, put a big sign on surface above - MY AWESOME BASE IS RIGHT BELOW

at least they will know it’s there :wink:

btw - any entrance to walk in there or portal access only?


There are 2x2 portals right in the shop for each floor =)


Yep, those pictures are great, but seeing it in person is something else. Its stunning.


Looks like I’ll be going on an adventure. I love the look of it. Almost gives me a weeping willow vibe.


still buying more of this if anyone has any they would like to sell, paying 10c per any type


I’ll spare 600

If you don’t catch me online, come to mcrib Corinth Diamond Mine. I just set up my most recent off hours trade solution.


hmmm i have never heard of this place i went to MC and checked all the portals nothing?


From mcrib ps hub, there’s a giant ‘public mine’ sign next to Batman. Another way in is through Iconic’s resource network and simply labeled ‘diamond mine’.


hey i went to that place which is really cool btw :slight_smile: im not sure what im looking for though because i went all around and didnt find any shop stands at all?


Lol, it’s right in the entryway. There’s some doors to the right when you walk in and a guild book in front of them. The doors have a big sign over them. Try interacting with it. I just want to be sure that YOU get the foliage, which is a very nice color. Can’t wait to see what you do with them :smiley:

Also I’ll be online for probably the next six hours, you could pm me from a mailbox.


OK I found a few smart stacks of this in storage, are you still looking for it?


yes ^^ please ^^


Are you in game now? And how much do you need?


ill take whatever you want to part with =) and yes i am


In TNT Circa correct?


yup, alien i came out there again and i cant access any of those things…


Got you covered now, only have one stack but it’s yours.


thank you Alien :slight_smile: finally picked it up =D