[COMPLETED] Forging harvest tools

Anybody know the steps on forging wooden harvest tools? Low damage high dura

If you want AoE and dura just do this:

Add special gum, use compound and see if you get any AOE level. If you dont use deconstruction resin and start again.

If you get AOE, use vigour catalyst, then add longevity gum.

Roll the dice with some compound and if you are lucky you will get durability.

If you don’t want any other boon, you can use catalyst again, then add trait reduction gum and start bumping your dura and AOE.

Stop when you get them at the desired level

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To make it simpler, or cheaper.

Add 3 special gum
Add 3 Longevity gum. (Now 6 gums total)
Roll choice compound
Decon resin if you get something undesirable.

Likely outcome-

Use boon transmute solvent to change undesired boons. This might be more costly than just using decon resin.


With wood being so cheap I just skip the dura and make a zillion with horizontal and sometimes magnet. Can usually do it with just 2 special gums and 1-3 draining boon 1.


I found sapphire hammer works good with no extra damage. But I guess it depends how u built your farm and the spec of your farmer.mine has no damage…I use sapphire because easier to forge. Using wood is more exspensive to make when it comes to boon points. Agian that’s just me

Thanks all I’ll try each way when I get home