[completed] Looking to Buy Black Meta Rocks

Making lots of brick for the foundation of our rebuild and looking to buy some black meta rocks. If you have a store selling black rocks point me in the location and I shall snag it. <3

Not buying Bricks and stone as we are letting TinyT-Rex and our new player Dullis get some xp for the crafting process.

Check Sydney

Rock store underground.

Sydney is on Lasaina correct?


The Rockin Rocks Store is my go to. It’s found at the PS Lasagna hub.

I bought out the place in Sydney so I will check there next :smiley:

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Are you still buying? I live on a planet with black meta and I recently cleared some underground for my house so I have a ton. What have you been buying it for?

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I have a bunch refined

We have been buying for 1c a piece.