[COMPLETED] Looking to trade for or buy Dark Fuchsia Rocks or stones


As title states. Looking to trade for or buy dark fuchsia rocks or stones.

Thanks in advance


Do you know where rock with that tint is from?


and at what price will you buy the rocks or stones ???


Mmmm must be from an old exo planet I have all regular Rock color and I can’t find dark fushia


I think I’ve got a couple of hundred refined will check in a few hours. If you’re interested in refined.
i think this was from the exo that had pink gleam… I can’t remember the name now


Cilpara had the dark fuchsia metamorphic ones. I hoarded some extra of those. I think I can spare at least one stack, I always sell my exorocks at .5c and will keep that the same for you, I don’t think I’ll be on tonight but I’m off tomorrow, so at some point early morning EST I’ll put them out on my exoplinths at Elysian Fields (easiest way there through TNT). I’ll edit this when I do.

Edit: Ok @blinvir, out early today so got a chance just now and put a smart stack of them out! If you got through TNT the exoworld plinths are straight ahead on the right up against a building.

Edit again: Noticed they were gone, but so were some of the other exorocks - in case it wasn’t you who got them, I put a few more out, around half a stack or so. But this time I put them on the roof of the building with the slide coming down from it, hid them for you. :wink:


@blinvir I have plenty. like 20 smart stacks or stone. How do you want to trade or buy or where


Cilpara had some nice colors. That gleam looks like crystal bubble gum :yum:


Oh yeah, I absolutely love the gleam from there. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Perfect shade of pink for me. Dropped some coins on some!


@Trickyy90 if you do have some refined what would be fair to you I have just about anything you might need or I have coin.

@bucfanpaka I will keep my eye open for your update

@Mittekemuis what price are you selling or do you need anything instead of coin? where are you located?


I’m might have some. I’ll check when I get on.


I just converted most of mine into Marble. I may have some of that left over when I finish my build if you are still looking.


I am on phem but I also have a shop at Aenea’s market on Trung. I am always looking for missing foliage, plants, grass especially the glowing caps from the exo planets. Also a good forged axe. I have to see what the selling rate is for exo stone tbh I have no clue :slight_smile:


Sweet I have some glowcaps I would be willing to part with from a few of the exos. I’ll check on colors when I get home and post here.