[COMPLETED] Update on planet order #7810 Please

Just wondering how far along my planet is.

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They can take up to 24 hours usually.

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It’s been some time since I Made a world. I thought the world generator might not have been backed up that much by now.

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It usually does not take 24 hours but I have had a few that were close.

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So hopefully it can be ready in the next 19 hours.

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I think it still requires human intervention to push through the world, so it depends on when a Dev does it, I think.


@james can I get a update on my planet please

Ha-ha no you can’t. :rofl:
Just be patient, it’s an automated process. You’ll get your planet looooooooooooooooooooong before James sees your ping. The others told you 24 hours, not 4. It legitimately takes some serious time for a world to be generated.


Be patient and wait, it can take some time.

I just want to make sure my choices went thru because my internet was acting up when I was choosing my options for it

What sort of “acting up” do you mean? Did you get to the end of the world configuration with a web-page telling you it was done? If so, you’re good.
We don’t get a ‘world configuration finished’ e-mail (which IMHO is something that should’ve been added).

The sad truth is that James isn’t going to see a ping here. Even if he does, he won’t reply just like that. You got NO IDEA how many people ping him for pointless reasons, not even to ask for technical support or anything. You’ll have to wait the remaining 20-ish hours to see if it worked or not.

If it’s not there by then when you look into your Places menu, in the Worlds tab, then yeah, it’ll be time to worry.

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Just another 15hrs at most then I guess already been 9hrs

This world is live.


how wrong you were this time :stuck_out_tongue:


hey @james can we please get an update on the game development, if you have a gag order just say it please.


Yeah, I’m sure James reacted mostly to make me look like a fool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, let’s be honest, he wrote 4 words, it’s not the second coming of Christ either. We still got no development update or anything.