Completed Vandar atlas for sale


34/34 Vandar atlases for sale straight through the Ultima Alder portal. (Us east). 1000c, there are still hot spots!


I thought I read there are only 35 regions…


Oh whoops yes. Lol I had no sleep. :joy:


Ok fixed. Thanks :slight_smile: I’m so used to typing that.


ya, hunting the region centers on an exo worl… I can see how you lost some sleep :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hard work.


Lol omgosh. So last night when I viewed the atlas it said 34/34. They were all 33! I just took them back to sync. I swore last night I had one more but I roamed for a hour and nothing popped up. When I looked it said 34. I knew it! I think it was glitched. The region was right next to my save spot that was not appearing until now. What a joke. So I came back just to remap it. Geesh. I will make no money now lol.