[Completed][WTB] Wayfarer Totem With High Dura, +9m harvest range

I am looking for :

9 x Wayfarer Totem

  • Durability between 1600-2000
  • Harvest range +9m
  • Light source (Bonus not needed)
  • No AOE
  • no negative/annoying quirk or defect

If you have them to your shop give me your coords or if you want to forge them pm me with price


Possibly Technomancer. … @Jeffrotheswell

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Got a few loot sticks with damage magnet and light source in Giorgio Oortmani’s in DKs legendville mall.

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Bought you out.

Order still open.

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Where is located this shop ?

I’m checking for you real quick bc his price seems a bit low…
edit - they are clean, not forged…checking more shops
edit 2 - No forged ones left at the moment.

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I’ll try and make some with dura later. :+1::+1::beers:

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My forging process let’s me make really nice gem wears but I can generally only get one or two powers on my totems while keeping them clean of defects and quirks.

If you promise to keep up with your excellent work on those exo threads I will make you a batch free of charge…

edit: that sounds weird, it’s basically a thank you for what you have done so far


Will these do?

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Yes please, I’d like to buy some too.
Edit: can you put revive augments in wayfarer totem?

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Exactly the same as those?

I normally only sell solidifiers and magnet+glow ones…

(and for myself I made them with a bit of extra damage and 3x3)

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Sure they will do! Don’t worry more to come for the exo posts. Just a bit slowed by irl stuff lately.


Yes, you can! :blush:


they will be done in about 20 minutes

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where can i find you?

can go on PS Hub of Grovidias Te.

i am there now :smiley:

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