Complex Animal Interaction?

Hoteltime and I were brainstorming and we thought it would be cool if there could be some complex interactions with the creatures in Boundless.

We only have a few now and I bet the Dev’s are already working on this.

For example, the cuttletrunks could be like the lions or vultures of boundless, attracted to fresh wildstock kills and a taste for fresh meat.

I imagine the spitters having a mutualism relationship with the wildstock similar to the langur monkey and the chital deer. Hanging out on the perimeter of the wildstock herds to help alert and protect. For example maybe the spitters can see farther and alert the wildstock to danger from cuttletrunks or hunting oortlings etc.

Once the spitters sense danger or a threat, wildstock go in a protective circle and start charging intruders… something like that. Whilst the spitters run out with flanking attacks.

Would make things a bit interesting.

Hoteltime also had the idea of somehow taming the wildlife for farming. That would also put a twist on things.


I just wish we can have chicken like livestock to farm…you know…for shawarma purposes.


3 more ideas I’d like to pitch in for farming, which may be a post 1.1 update, are:
a. the farming of oort shards or stones from tamed animals, whether it be directly from the animals, or a footfall system like the beacons.
b. After having tamed animals, being able to use them for certain abilities such as travel. I was reading that portals may have been intended to be harder to fuel/use, and if so, a balance of fast travel by animals. Now, I know there are no moving blocks besides fluids in the game, but if players started paving pathways from development to development that were flat, it’d be convenient to have fast animal travel by means of a wildstock chariot (or for higher lvl planets maybe a cuttletrunk carrying a basket like a hot air balloon). And by doing this, you’d have to craft a wagon/basket, and rope from fibre extract maybe to place in specific positions for animals. Then, guide the tamed animals over to the roped areas where they’ll hook up in place to give travel. Then in that scenario portals could be more thinned out in the game.
c. Using tamed animals for plowing in farming, digging, defending the settlement, etc.

P.S. I’ve read around a bit and have seen that there are tons of suggestions on farming, not surprising. So if I repeated an idea, sorry! Also here’s this:

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I also imagine if you’re farming tamed cuttletrunks you would also have to feed them freshly slaughtered wildstock too keep them happy. Perhaps you could milk them for raw oort? lol

You would of course have to also farm the wildstock for fresh meat and keep them happy etc.

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