Complicated question on mechanics

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So you know how when you look at a portal to another world, the player count on that world includes you? Does anyone know if the world is actually considering you present, possibly in the space the portal occupies?

I have an idea I kind of want to test tonight but I think it’ll be tough and annoying and potentially costly.

Basically I’m wondering if things that require you nearby, like auto-doors, can be triggered from afar by looking at portals or even opening warps. I’m doubting that specific idea will work but some info on the mechanics could spark some new ones.


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The answer is :high_heel:


It doesnt. Short answer.

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I always thought it would be funny if the animals could walk through portals. And if you could fire your grapple through, too.

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I think it may actually include you because you are loading a chunk of that world albeit temporarily. While looking through the portal you are included on the whisper list for those on planet. Find an empty planet, look through a portal and it will show a count of 1. Walk into the planet… the count will remain 1 but have no one on the whisper list.

If there was already someone on planet they should show on the whisper list after crossing through the portal and the planet total should be 2 now including yourself, as this is not the case, it certainly appears that it counts portal viewers as on the planet.

Attempting to activate something through a warp will activate the warp blocks, even if it just triggers the “You have no permissions”


It’s a count of connections to that world server. So yeah, by loading chunks through the portal, you become part of the count.

Some things do reflect (lol) like the light from a light stick will allow you to see through even if the other side of the portal is a dark cave… However if you drop a stack of blocks, then stand on the other side of a portal and watch, they will vanish in three minutes as if no one was present.


I’m actually referring to an auto door staying open when you leave the area quickly enough. Surface bumpers allow for this, and I suspect that if you have a liquid contained by an auto trapdoor next to a portal, you could open the door to let the liquid flow then cross through the portal and the door might stay open.

If this is possible, my further hope is that returning to that portal and opening it without crossing through would trigger the auto door closing. From @Nightstar observation on items vanishing, this doesn’t seem as plausible.

Very interesting about the light though, and I bet light source epic works too and I just never acknowledged it. There’s gotta be something to that.


You will also step onto the planet for you to be counted towards the visit, you can look through the sanctum portal and be shown on the whisper list on that planet l, but it will not count for the actual visit


You can drag someone through a portal while they AFK.

They have to be facing the right direction, though. You drag them over to it and once they’ve looked at it long enough to open for their character you can drag them in.

It’s a bit more challenging than building them a cage :rofl: