Comprehensive list of oort online options

Anybody with great technical knowledge and time who can write up a list of all the options, what they do and how much they drain your pc? think it would be great for newer people :smiley:


I will put my exact settings when I get home, but I run max everything except terrain detail, which I run at medium.
I have two systems, one that is the base version of the Alienware Alpha and one that has an i5 4670k and a gtx 980. Both systems get about 30-50 fps and the game looks pretty good.

It is the literal options, not the ones that people use.

so forexample ‘‘Depth of field is the effect which blurs everything you are not looking at, not very performance consuming’’

i know some of them, just the things like advanced lighting, per pixel lighting what they all are.

On my computer there is only about a 10-15 fps difference between minimum and maximum graphics.

The only option that significantly affects performance for me is Per-pixel lighting. When I have it on, even if all the options are off, my fps immediately goes down by 30 or more. If I have the options on, it goes down by another 10 or so. Also every time a block is placed with p-p l on, the entire game skips for half a second. Not sure if this is just me or anyone else notice severe performance drop with p-p l on :stuck_out_tongue:

@ben @james any of you 2 who can explain the different options in the game? such as ‘‘advanced entity lighting’’ ‘‘post effects’’ and so on?