Comunidad Española de Boundless (Busco compis de juego xD)

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the thread is going another way, goblin, my friend, are you spanish? do not? Well, you don’t have to talk in this thread, next

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Aye mate.
Kingdom is “Reino”

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Yes… but he didn’t use the world kingdom to talk about capital in spanish.

Hi… fui pero no vi a nadie… espero regresar pronto para saludarlos.

Hi buddy!! Yes, I’m trying to follow all your advices… you are my sensei :wink: thank you!

Hi!! Im RozamelPito from Villarie.
In Spanish “The kingdom” is “El Reino”, and yes “Capital” in Spanish is “Capital” too.

So I would like to clarify one more thing about the name of our Guild…
That our name means “The Kingdom” does not imply that we are kings, capital or anything, we simply like the name… So please, stop saying nonsense just because you don’t like karakavra or something …

Anyway, although I do not want to argue, I remind you that I am the old king of Arie and I stopped being because I stopped playing at least 6 months ago; But I can be again if you insist so much :slight_smile:

What I just said goes to some people in particular, so do not be taken for granted, please… Greetings! :heart:


Chicos en un intento de crear un espacio en común se levanta

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