Concept Art: Doors

Here’s some of the new concept art for how the doors are going to look when we release updated textures (current assets are obviously placeholder).

There’s two types of pieces: solid and windowed. Doors inherit the tint colour of the wood you use. They can be built to a max of 1 x 8 or 8 x 1, automatically choosing from top, middle, bottom and 1x1 pieces. You can create anything from wall doors, to giant trap doors in the floor. In short, there’s quite a few different ways you can build doors.

Here’s what we’re planning, courtesy of @claudiotolomei


So I can apply these to the floor instead of standing up?

The windowed doors look a bit odd, do you have any other concepts for those?

Also I’m glad the height is adjustable, but do you have plans for wider doors?

Why place the door nobs at the bottom of 1x1. With the range in height of characters wouldn’t make more since to put them at the top of the 1x1 section. So when you make a 2x1 it is roughly centered? Or in the case of a 3x1 it would not look like your opening the door with your toes.


I have to second this, but it would be also good if you woul centre the Design so the knob is better placed in an 2x1 case. I think that it’s still good to have it at the bottom of 1x1 Block, With that you could make provisional shelves.

You’re back! I think we’re going to put them at the top, good spot!


I miss wider doors but apart from that and the aforementioned door knobs everything looks pretty good.

I’m so glad you’re back again @Karko !

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I love those designs

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Hopefully we can do something wider than 2 block wide. I see a lot of doorways out there that are 3 and 4 block wide.

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My guild hall has 3-wide arched doors :confused: Not sure that I’m ever going to see doors that fit that.


Your fault to choose an odd number :stuck_out_tongue:

Odd number is aesthetically pleasing when making stuff with blocks in my opinion. I’d love to see 3 wide doors.

Also, 1 is an odd number :smile:


I agree, especially when making circles. I always choose the odd ones.