Conduit portals a bit to costly to maintain?


I could be wrong, I haven’t quite started collecting my own orrt yet. Is orrt easy to come by? Just curious, I have a decent build right now and I may be able to handle a bunch of monsters on Elalpor. Any tips on collecting it would be appreciated. I ready spitters and the roadrunners usually drop it


Oort can be farmed primarily from meteors at the moment. Group hunts are the best way to get them.


What level are you? You might be able to start solo meteorite hunting on moon worlds. They are easy enough to do alone and will give you nice steady flow of oort stones. And a lot of xp for killing all the crits.


Road runners very very rarely drop them now but it’s not too difficult to find dormant meteorites too which usually have 2-3 if you don’t fancy tackling all the mobs.


Just as a point of reference… I don’t do group hunts, and I have one portal on my property, and I have no trouble maintaining it almost by accident–finding dormant meteorites and the occasional roadrunner. I’m running a razor-thin surplus of Oortstones without seeking them out.

Mass crafting helps keep the cost down, though.


Thanks for all the tips, I ended up buying some. I leveled up and increased my resistances to so that should help. I’m surprised you can find dormant meteor D:


When I came back to the game I too mined dormant meteoites initially and struggled to keep it open. Sly is right about about the efficiency difference. But until you see the number you can’t believe how much. So I used to spawn meteors and wait the 15 minutes for them to go dormant. I even got good at spawning multiples then bookmarking each location they circling back around after the timer. I though it was pretty good to got 1-2 stones per 15 minutes. That was just enough to gain a little each time I did it. Until someone said your really supposed to go hunting if you want them. And oh boy the difference is huge. You can tag along in a group for 2 hours and get on average 120 Oort stone in 2 hours! That is enough shard to last for a month plus a week. Which will lead you to the next discovery coal is life.


So how do I get in on the hunts?


Check out Therka market and look for the hunters portal, it will lead you to their place which has all the times etc on notice boards plus there are always posts on this forum when they’re being held next.


I’m actually doing pretty well solo tbh. Have completed at least 10 so far. If I raise my resistances a little more they should be a breeze lol. Wish I would have grouped with people earlier on but as of now im pretty set.


The hunts are chaos and very fun. I was a skeptic too. Give it a shot. :slight_smile:


I had to stop going on them after the update that the mobs got bombs etc. the connection became too unstable in the heat of battle as well as so many players going through portals just crippled my connection.