Confused where to find exotic earthyams


Was looking in the boundless crafting to find out where the exotic earthyams are found. It says travelers perch and the spineback cactus (I think of them as cactus, they look like one). But reading some posts in the search it says you can find them in other plants.

Which is it, only those two or has it been added to other plants and if so which ones, and if possible what planets? Can they also be found in farms and which ones?
Thanks for the help


I get them by gathering clay on flan. Clay on Tier 4 and above will drop exotic and waxy yams. I use a lot of clay so it’s very effective for me.


Drops from mud on T5 and up (thanks @scrufola for correction)


Easiest way would be to dig up mud at a farm on a level 5 or higher planet.


Maybe it’s mud, cannot remember but I do gather both… sure do get a load of yams though! Lol


Soil does not drop exotic, only waxy. (You might get some if you hit a plant that grew on the soil) And mud needs at least level 5.


Gotcha, will edit then


What planet is the farm on? Gather it is in EU, but would appreciate more directions to get to the planet. BL is down right now, adding more to the timers for the Gleambow race.


The farm is on Besevrona.

Go to Ultima on Finata, take the Ultima Besevrona Gate. There you’ll find a small 1x2 portal labeled “Bark Farm” just next to the portal you’re coming from. Take that and you’re in the EFC Hub where you take the Mud portal.


heading there now, wish me luck

Well my luck is bad. The portal is closed. sigh


It isn’t. The “Public Shadow Orb Farm” portal is closed, which is next to the “Bark Farm” portal. But the “Bark Farm” portal is open.

as is the mud portal inside the bark farm.


Smack head, didn’t look there. I’ll use the excuse that I am in pain, and was there. Now it has gone from a 3 to a 5. Took two pain pills (if you can call Tylenol #3 a pain pill) but only dropped it from 7 to five. F&K ■■■■, having to wait a month before they can start treatment.