Connection issues and BUGS!

I’m also in the US and I’ve been having connection issues for the past 2 years. Repeatedly told that it was my ISP. But this is the only game I’ve had this issue with. So I agree. It’s something to do with the servers.


Are you sure it is not your ISP? I’m not an expert i am just wondering.

I asked my ISP and they said it was all fine as long as i reset my router every week at least as recommended.

But that is just me.

I think it would be really weird if two different major ISPs were having the same issue at the exact same time.


Yes, Curious er and Curious er???

easy enough for two ISP’s to have the same issue at the same time, if they both use the same peering on towards the amazon cloud…

Besides when you get the latency warning, it can also be caused by high cpu / gpu load… or for that matter server lag itself CPU load on it. usually caused by a lot of drops / items on the ground un-looted. Or as the latest I helped troubleshoot… power saving settings in windows… set to high performance, no issues after.


Thanks Huntsman.

I play almost all day every day and I seldom if ever have any connection issues. The only time I ever had any connection issues was when the scanning tool was acting up and I’d have to wipe my hosts file. Other than that, I can only think of one other time when Steam was having issues.

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How do we all get such amazing connections?

Do you live new to Boundless?

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I don’t know how amazing it is, but it is a gigabit connection.

I live in Tampa, FL and last I checked it’s a pretty good distance from the server, but I could be wrong. I do know that oddly I get a great connection and ping to EU servers.

Other than that, I suppose if you want such an “amazing” connection, move to Tampa?

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Connection issues can be caused by a zillion things - software bugs, packet loss, network hardware, weather, network maintenance, your hardware, signal quality, network congestion, interference from other nearby devices/signals…


I will probably not be moving to Tampa any time soon, but who knows. I will add good connection to the tick list as to reasons to move to Tampa, but TBH it is the only thing on the list at the moment. That being said, though it is the only thing on the list, and it is a positive, it is currently on the top of my Move Too List.

I hope to have no more information on Tampa, as whatever FL is has me worried it may be in the U S of A which would even the list out a bit.

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Will we ever be able to solve a zillion problems?


Or not, I’m not really sure.

Nah, but we can try to narrow it down a little or find a work-around. :wink:
Sometimes the issue turns out to be something simple or an easy fix. Sometimes, there’s nothing an end-user can do about it.

Are we not all end-users (at the end of the day). I suppose a work around :kissing_heart: may be the only option left if no-one can do anything about IT.

Yes, we are all end-users.

That seems a little over arching, I’m not sure i would consider myself an End-User myself, but that might just be me. I tend to use things in the moment more than at the end, I struggle with the ends so i try to just cut them out most the time and just use things at the beginning and the middle. I also think about using things in the Moment and the Future (not the planets on boundless).

Have a good weekend Samski :blush:

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I’m set to high performance. Boundless is an average 25-40% load. It happens a lot when I’m building.
Place a block, it disappears, and then reappears elsewhere. Or a rubber band effect that yanks me around. While walking, it has thrown me across the room, into coil death, or yanked me into open air to fall and get hurt.
I’d make a video as proof…if I knew how. :man_shrugging:

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The game is unplayable for me right now. Rubber banding all over the place and humongous lag spikes abound! It appears there may be an issue with my ISP as my upload is abysmally slow right now for some reason.