"Connection Lost" Constantly

Hello whomever,
The last few months that I’ve been back in boundless this has been a recurring issue. There’s no lag, no stutter, or anything that points towards a lacking connection. Just an instant disconnect every time. This can happen once a day or every 5 minutes at random. I’ve checked my firewall settings and run countless network tests. When out on a hunt with others I notice it happens to me and nobody else. I really want to help keep this game alive and build cool stuff but it’s unbelievably disheartening when I search for this bug in the forums and see that the last ~5 years of reports is a culmination of “just restart”.

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Hello fellow oortian! May I ask if you’re on PC or PS4/5? Sometimes re-installing can help, I had that issue recently when a PS4 update has been done, it would randomly also shut down. Afterwards though it even gave me the advice to re-install as the game was “corrupted”.

Otherwise I can only recommend to write the support under:


I’m on PC @May-L04. I’ve verified files through steam and when it came up empty I reinstalled too. It’s just weird that some days it’s awful and others it’s fine -_-

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