Conquer ghost settlements (solved)

As the title @james says, I would like to know the consequences of absorbing a ghost settlement, which nobody uses, I say it because we are going to expand and in doing so we will absorb a settlement that nobody uses and is abandoned, even so it has the club flash, I wonder if something would happen if one that ghost settlement to mine and thus be able to expand, you have to keep in mind that the game allows you to do it and before creating problems I wanted to ask, we have been waiting for months for the settlement to disappear but for what seen we are told that this is simply to prevent us from expanding, so my question is that if we absorb that consequence we will have, what we are clear is that we will expand to all possible places, we are increasingly more and we would like to continue moving forward and because of a troll we will not be able to and we are not for the work of stop expanding, I would like it since it is a ghost settlement that had no consequences, even so this We are warning, we are in Villarie and the affected person knows what we are talking about, we have already started the expansion, one of two or joins or leaves, but we do not consent because of a troll that only wants to annoy others, we have to stop expanding, both to one side and the other, before wanting to expand to this place, we have expanded to other places, now there is only this space closer to the city, I hope that if the time comes to reach a agreement, but we will not stop expanding

Fdo. The kingdom

In short, we have a troll that does not allow us to expand, I wanted to know if something happened when we absorbed it with our settlement, we took months to solve it and it tells us that it does bet so that we do not expand, so what do we do? @james, we have already expanded to other places and this is the closest to the city to expand, we do not reach an agreement since they ignore us and part that is in bad ways, do things like that, annoy others for pure ego , he is not on our planet he went to another and as a gift he left us this to avoid that we could expand, I hope that warning in the forum that a city without use, nothing happens, every day we are in Villarie and nobody in that settlement, months waiting

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I just do not understand the meaning or the text! There’s a ghost town that has not been used for months or that has not been built for months - right? Then it should not bother anyone if you absorb them! … The game is also out for a very long time - e.g. On Arie, the place is small and it is only a matter of time until there is only one city left! But thanks to the guild division you can still make your own settlements!


Have they asked not to merge?

Is it just a few plots, or a town?

If its a town and they dont want to merge, guess theres little you can do without causing conflict.

If not, message them asking, if you get no reply, plot it and leave a sign saying you will remove if requested. Message them too saying you did it and will remove the plots merging you if requested.

Thats how i would approach it, especially due to the past issues and complaints you got when merging- no offence intended

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It turns out that he is the same person, who tells us that we will never expand there, by pure ego, his city and house are on another planet and here he has left the ruins of Gooblin, it seems to me of bad people, to act like this, for just bother others, I suggest you go through its settlement and confirm that there are only walls, it is abandoned, but at the same time it keeps it only to prevent us from expanding, I do not understand it since it does not use it and it is very annoying that this person follows his game trabquilamente and the rest we should do what he wants

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Oh I know the feeling of people like. They love to spoil a great game !!

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its not like he ploted around you eh ?