Conspiracy Theorists Unite (Probably Visual Glitch)

Hi all!

So, while slaving away in my humble palace, i stretched my hand to repair a machine over me and i saw this object through my glass ceiling. I rushed to my observatory atop my tower and I pointed my trusty totem at it but nothing came back. Enlighten me with the most bizarre theories, it’s almost Halloween anyway.

All hype aside, i counted the current exos we have and 1 isnt showing so its probably this one but its so far away that the totem isnt showing it? Idk - this usually doesnt happen and no matter how far a planet is, it usually still shows with the glitter effect around it.


Your on plot view.

I too once saw and wondered
(looks like it’s getting away)

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Open your dictionary and look into the definition and history behind the letter: B

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Devs probably grew tired of all the drama on the forums and smashed that red button labelled “Black Hole”.


mine is from august


…the prophecy came true

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Look for the references hidden in the crypto code for - alpha B or beta B.

With about 3k hours in the game, I sure know what B does. The dot of the plot viewer never appears above the middle line of the screen (which this object clearly is over). This is not to mention that no plots are seen when i clearly said i am over my tower (plotted).

perhaps you are getting a rare glimpse of the santium? I have long stood by that the “moon” is the sanctium, since every planet has the same exact moon, but this could be another explination of it.

It’s a T9 private dev planet where there are seas of liquid oort and where the devs are laughing at us and where there are huge portals in every other plot!


To all those saying its the plot viewer, give me some proper theories already :crazy_face:.
(Focus in the middle youll see the weird object over the center)


keep an eye out daily if it aligns with mars pm me


:thinking: Xalda knows something that we dont.

cool i have visiting rights to dev world :+1:

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I meant no offense. You mentioned conspiracy theory so I was trying to play off those words. Not that I look closer to the picture, yes you are correct it is different. Sorry on my screen it really looked like it before the deeper inspection.

I assume it never moved? Could it have been a graphic artifact or something. If you log into sanctum and come back is it still there?


BTW what planet… I am curious if another can see it.

It seems to be getting bigger then smaller some times. Just tried going to sanctum but its still there.

Another screenshot with a different exo nearby for comparison.

I am on Gellis if anyone would like to try and see it themselves.

It could be a very far away eXO? or is there only one?

My mistake. It’s jesus.
The time has finally come to take this S.O.B. out permanently.
Get ready for the Titan battle of a lifetime.


Ancients Oortians - Research and Development of alnitans declares this a UFO sighting. They are among us . . . Testing our universal boarders . . . They will come.