Constant "Unplayable Connection"

I have a stable line and can play other games flavless on ps5 but when i try boundless i get constant disconnection warnings, like every 30 sec. Its pretty insaine.

What can cause this, its to the point i want to really dont play because its waisting my lessure time :joy:

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Were you able to play without problems before ? Boundless is very heavy on the network.

What is your speed from your Internet Provider ?

Might also be PSN related.


I’ve noticed if my upload speed isn’t good I’ll get massive rubber banding. I’m on ps5 as well. I recently upgraded my internet to 30 mb upload. And have had less problems. What speeds you getting when you test your internet connection on the PlayStation?

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Depends on the day for me, but today it was fine most of the day until now it’s unplayable so I logged off :sob::sob: :cookie:

The whole year of 2020 was like that for me. Now it’s stable. Go figure.

Same problem here, but my son encountered another problem yesterday, he was reclaiming his blocks on the beacon and can’t see them, only me can see his reclaim with perms on, weird :woozy_face:

got it tooday - got unplayable connections at Galan and Pisceroff new blink exo - tried few times between 8:00 - 10:00 GMT+1

over 8 days of unplayable connections, every day, 24/7 i cant enter any AUS planet, got unoplayable connection on perma and on exo worlds, as this

tried today to enter from 8:00 am GNT +1 till now, 16:32 GMT+1, unplayable connection all the time

@Tiggs can you please take a look at Boundless server connections from EU to AUS

had no problems with connections to all weorlds prior to maintenance that occured 12th of Oct 2023, after this maintenance i cant enter any AUS world

im playing from EU, Poland to be eact

got no prob in any other game, any other internet services, got only prob with Boundless and its connection from EU to AUS planets

You might try sending an e-mail to
You should get a faster response than posting on the forums.

i want to see if any other EU player got same issues, regardless of country

I have sometimes bad connection entering on Galan and rollbacks when mining but it’s not All the time.
Have you tried to clear the Steam download cache?
Sometimes it fixes problems like that, keep in mind you will need to re-log on your Steam account :wink:

I am in EU and have no problem on the AUS servers.

Sure the ping/ms is much higher than other servers but that is logical. It peeks when entering the world but then it goes down.

No unplayable connection or something like that.