Content Creation: Twitch Partner Community

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Who we are: We are the ShamaNation Guild currently #2 (9.27.18) on Kada 1. We are a LGBTQIA+ 18+ community. We currently stream boundless almost 7 days a week.

What we believe: We are a LGBTQIA+ Community. We believe in spreading positivity across gaming platforms. In Boundless our goal is to become a capital city with helping as many people with Information and connecting with other settlements on Planet and off. Seeking to connect with other broadcasters to make portal hubs.

What can we offer: We are in build of a community center for all to use the facilities and progressing in making a portal hub for all. Helping with hunting and gathering for building prestige. Voice channels and information on Boundless Forum Posts, and general networking on Twitch and other platforms.

What can You do with : Be apart of a growing community that strives on Positivity and Safe Space

Recruiting All: Hunters Crafters and Gatherers

Join us here

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