Content dump of blocks to build with?


Could we have one update that includes a lot of blocks/things to build with?

Building can be done by everyone - there’s no level/skill barrier. It would give everyone a ton of things to make/buy/sell/do. And it gives everyone something to do while we are waiting for the big updates (farming, hunter, etc).


I’d even be psych’d for just some more deco block designs!


I would love it if Elemental Fusion was allowed to be compacted and turned into a block.


I can haz MOAR GLITZ?!?


My dream update?

  • contains farming with way more than we currently assume
  • warp wraith
  • rental planets
  • 100’s of new blocks
  • 100’s of new decorative items like poles/beams/furniture
  • a few intelligent blocks with which we can make our own content
  • etc., etc.

wouldn’t it be fantastic if that would release in a few weeks??


I was about to start a new thread, but searched and found this so I’m going to bump -

Please, please this - Decorative Elemental Fusion and Oort Amalgam :smiley:

I was just sitting in my workshop staring at it on my shelves and thinking just how awesome it would look in some builds. Plus, with the color shifting effect, it could really provide some interesting lighting options.


yes. More deco blocks. and so that textures stacking. not like stupid refined sedimentary ( its :face_vomiting: )