Content dump of blocks to build with?


Could we have one update that includes a lot of blocks/things to build with?

Building can be done by everyone - there’s no level/skill barrier. It would give everyone a ton of things to make/buy/sell/do. And it gives everyone something to do while we are waiting for the big updates (farming, hunter, etc).


I’d even be psych’d for just some more deco block designs!


I would love it if Elemental Fusion was allowed to be compacted and turned into a block.


I can haz MOAR GLITZ?!?


My dream update?

  • contains farming with way more than we currently assume
  • warp wraith
  • rental planets
  • 100’s of new blocks
  • 100’s of new decorative items like poles/beams/furniture
  • a few intelligent blocks with which we can make our own content
  • etc., etc.

wouldn’t it be fantastic if that would release in a few weeks??