Contest idea: boundless music videos

Would people be interested in this?

You could get a group of people in a PSN or discord party and learn a synchronized dance to music, then have someone splice it together in a video editor.

Post here if you’re interested, and if you know how to do editing!


i kinda would like it! I just dunno how to edit! :rofl:

We can put some teams together so post if you want to participate even if you can’t edit :blush:

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I know how to do video editing, however rather or not I can edit a music video, I am not sure. I would need to know alot more details about the materials I would be given and the expected result.

I no how i did the edition on my brother music videos that are on my YouTube

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Basically people would jump, spin, sit, walk etc in time to music. You’d video it (POV can in game) then you’d put the clips together and overlay the music track. Pretty basic editing :blush:

That I should be able to do, I was not sure if there was an expectation to also have to edit the video in AE to add fancy and flashy VFX that some edited music videos seem to have at times.

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When I’m listening to music on my walks I sadly visualise the music video in boundless lol I think this would be awesome to do and also make for great game publicity.
I think 50 cent I get money would be hilarious soundtrack to make a video too

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Nah nothin too fancy necessary :blush:

Lil Dicky - Save Dat Money

Imagine this video taking place in the boundlessverse :blush:


I was just listening to Space Oddity and lol’ed at the thought of a Boundless video. The real music video for it is lame so I think we should make a totally different one but maybe include some of the corny visual effects… As much as I’d love to do it myself, I won’t. But I’d be in for a collabo :slightly_smiling_face:, I like editing!

“Here I am floating in my tin can” little space shuttle at max height. Camera guy has a platform outside looking through the glass. Shuttle is filled with water if it can be done subtly and Major Tom floats up into view.

Then there should be slow motion shots of falling from the sky for the dramatic parts :joy: I’m an idiot

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@Creegle dont you have à vid from our club in aquatopia wayback



This old video has some of that. And other neat builds from early access.

Wrong link I am sorry. I’ll edit to add the video.

You are of course talking about this video. Why don’t you all learn the dance moves and we can recreate it on a large scale😆

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I’ve had an idea for a fun video with the Benny hill music. I want to set up portals around my skull at reapers Respite and have people continuously come out of the skull. Just need a decent amount of people to run around so I can get the video.

Edit- song I’m talking about.