Contract station!

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A craftable machine in what you can ask for people to do contracts for a price. you put an item in there and maybe choose a color for it. you can put a description to it. for example the board
interface is like.

|oort job: 200 oort |
|exo gleam. in exo color azure|
|5 feathers? |

after selecting one its

|oort job: 200 oort |
|collect 200 oort for the player|
|Elsioui. Player description: |
|I need this oort to fuel the |
|Portal hub sasquatchville |
|anyone lend a hand? |
|Reward: 50,000 coin |

and to create one it is

|create job? |
|Reward: ---- coin |
|job name: -------------------- |
|Job description:(200characters|
|Item to gain: (item box) |

And that is what the interface would look like. It’s a way for contracts to be made and people can pay for an item someone else has.


hope the devs add this to boundless! this would be quite helpful.

I had been pushing an asset that looked like a bulletin board that we could put on the wall. I’m hoping we get something soon.


Almost sounds like some sort of advanced request basket. That would be pretty neat! Duskmoor used to have these, and I miss being able to make some extra coin.

It uses the Oorternet and requires 1 oort shard to make a post (to prevent abuse)

yep! you also need the amount of coin given to the player in order for them to recive it.

still waiting for contracts idea - dunno, was it left behind for a while as being of lower priority or completely abandoned?

Bulletin boards would be useful for planning hunts as well.