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I decided to start up my own Wiki for Oort Online with the intent to be the biggest and best resource for all things Oort. :heart_eyes:

Visit Oortpedia and register to help out!

We’ve got some great people in this group and I’d love for all of your (if time permits) to do whatever you want to on the wiki or even if you just want to submit screenshots or assets or how long the day/night cycle is to me directly and I can add the information to the wiki.

Right now, the core (MediaWiki) is installed and should be stable. I’m using a Bootstrap theme which gives it a unique but modern look and feel and provides quite a bit of built in CSS formatting which can be found here.

My initial thoughts were to mimic the front page and stylings of the Minecraft Wiki and then have Oortpedia evolve with it’s own style and grace.

Spread the word and I look forward to seeing any and all edits in the coming months/years and beyond.

All the best,


How I said early, have a few screenshots of Oort Worlds (with denomination’s caption) and will supplement it in near future. You can use it for pages about worlds, if you want.

That’s awesome - I’ll get to doing that as soon as I have some time :slight_smile:

The design of the page needs some drastic changes. I might participate after the revamp of the website.

What is it about the site design that you think needs ‘drastic’ changes? I’m open for suggestions but implying the wiki design is terrible without justifying or offering a suggestion isn’t very helpful.


The logo is badly places, the menus are not visible and don’t draw attention. The search bar is off the website.

Thanks for the feedback. Can you let me know what browser are you using?

Using Safari on MacOS Yosemite

Great stuff, thanks for the screenshot. I’ll take a look - probably the fixed width ad is doing that to the logo. I’ve not bothered too much about the search box but it’s on my todo list.

Remember it’s a new site but despite this shouldn’t prevent anyone from contributing :wink:

I propose it being add free for as long as possible. Adds are ugly and take away from the site.

I use AdBlock in Chrome. Won’t see any ads.

That being said, the theme seems a little washed-out to me. The top menus either need bolder text, or the background needs to be darkened because readability is all about contrast. The easiest way to tell if you have it right is to capture the screen, paste it into Paint.NET or equivalent, and change the image to gray-scale. If you can’t easily make out the edges and corners, and the text isn’t standing out, then those areas need work.

Made a test page for Lleb with a bunch of screenshots. My first page so the formatting/organisation is rather bad- it’s also kind of a stub.

Yeah there was a nasty CSS hover on the original template that I removed but I’ve not gotten to any link or navigation formatting - I’ll add it to my todo list also. Appreciate the response.

This is awesome - I’ve linked to your page from the server list. Thanks for taking time to do this.

I for one have no idea how to format these pages and the scripts read like hieroglyphics when iI tried to reverse engineer for understanding. If you make the individual server pages, I’m sure there would be more info and picture drops we would gratefully let you format!

Off to a good start! Thanks :smile:

I assembled another page:


After discovering huge quantities of saphire and ruby ore while scouting for the next world page I add, I’m wondering if I should be giving away the info on it! xD

These things aren’t valuable now, being grey debug blocks- eventually though. Ah well, in the name of knowledge I must persist. Selta’s survey coming soon!


I’ll try to get a template sorted for servers. In the meantime I’ll add links to each server name so you can simply click on the link from the list to be taken to the ‘blank’ page and edit it from there.

Keep an eye over the next few days for a template appearing on pages already with content.

Thanks again for everyone’s help on this.