Controller settings xbox


Hello, I am trying to use an xbox controller to play boundless.
I am having an issue with the left trigger and the left shoulder button.
At present the left trigger should allow me to use the item in left hand, the left shoulder LB should allow me to radial switch.
I can do both of those functions, however if a block is in my left hand it automatically places, if a tool i.e. hammer shovel is in my left hand it continually operates until i switch to a weapon.
Weapons are not autofiring.

Do I need to edit something in the steam settings to ensure this isnt an issue?


Do you mean that your left hand is performing actions by itself even when you’re not pressing it?


Hi Envyv77, I play with an xbox controller connected to my laptop and this happens to me from time to time, I can usually make it go away by pressing left click on the trackpad on the laptop while the controller is still connected.

Not sure if it will work for you but it does for me.


Yes vdragon as soon as a tool or block is placed in the left hand it automatically places block or uses tool without any button press


It sounds like you’re experiencing that long-standing issue where a character seems to perform an action repeatedly without any controller / keyboard inputs. We do have it logged in the bug database, but there’s no fix for this at present.


I only encounter this error when using a controller, I don’t get this error with keyboard and mouse.
I’m using shadow tech cloud service and playing on my phone with the Xbox controller. I haven’t tried the Xbox controller with my pc as yet