Will tailoring/cotton farming become a thing for boundless?

Or leatherworking/tanning?



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We have leather already - sackcloth and cotton as well

Boundless doesn’t follow “medieval” style crafting, instead having its own set of multi-purpose machines that are made using remnants of ancient technology. I wouldn’t expect any kind of real-life-based tools/machines for weaving or tanning so.

It’s different with farming as there is room for more crops to be introduced and then new crop could give alternative ways of crafting cotton/leather (although we already have kranut craftable into bark as a farming-based way of getting to leather).

Like a previous thread on religion, “Cotten” comes with a lot of historical baggage and it’s easier to just do some thing new

That makes sense. Maybe something new for clothing creation by players. Some new process.

Would love some fabrics in Boundless though… lots of ships out there with “sails” made of sand or stone and other proxy materials. Trampoline is a good block but the edge seems make an awful repeated pattern. Maybe some props like rugs, tapestries, banners, and flags to go with some solid blocks to make bigger projects like sails. A silk block would be superb!


Yeah that is what I was thinking, some new crafting skill tree that would allow fabric creation and new props that are craft able by a talented crafter per say.

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