Could anyone give me an explanation of how footfall works?

When I collect my footfall, I sometimes get odd numbers like 793c or 747c. @AudreyTT and I were wondering how much footfall you make per person and is there a coefficient if the same person passes through again in a certain time period. I tried to look at the Boundless Wiki and the numbers I saw didn’t feel right to me. Thanks in advance !

The boundless wiki stats the maximum footfall you can get per person. If the same person revisits the beacon within a short time of originally visiting there is a diminished footfall from that person, hence the odd numbers


Ehhh lol.

You get some footfall if someone comes through. Then you get a little less each time they come through on a rolling window.

So as Vansten posted while I was typing. There’s a thread around here with some numbers that someone tested over a bit of time, if you want to dig.

EDIT: Here’s James explaining after they added some modifiers to make it a little more of a mystery. I didn’t find the thread about the player testing.


Thanks ! If I understand correctly, as a city, a beacon earns 80c for each new citizens that passes through and a little less each time the same citizen passes through in the same day. The amount resets every 24h. Does this seem correct ?

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I don’t think you’re supposed to get it for the same avatar in a rolling 24 hour window, although it could be per calendar day it’s been long time.

It also depends on how many other people come through. And also it depends on whether or not they’ve passed through another beacon owned by the same character in the same settlements. It also depends on how recently the character that owns the beacon has been in that particular beacon.

Maybe some other things I’m not sure. I mean I’m not just trying to be vague. There’s not a hard answer for you it’s intentional.


Footfall is on a 5 day cooldown now. For a city, the base value of 1 visit is 80c.

-If a person has never visited, or if 5 full 24 hour days have passed since their last visit, multiply that by up to 200% (160c)

-If a person re-visits in less than 24 hours, nothing happens.

-If a person visits >24 hours since their initial visit, you get footfall in full day increments as follows:
1 day =40%
2 day =80%
3 day =120%
4 day =160%
5 day =200%

-If the settlement where your build is located has generated footfall recently, decrease these percentages slightly. The more recent footfall, the less you get. So you could only get like 103c for a first time visitor if the city has been busy…


No clue, rarely anyone ever visits my place so I rarely look to see how much I’ve gotten.

I am pretty sure its been less than 10k in all the time I have played, so its a meh thing to me.


It was more of curiosity on my part because I was wondering how the calculation is done. I don’t actually thrive on footfall either :wink: . @AudreyTT and I visited you recently to make sure your gleam club didn’t run out. We hope to see you soon !


Have a other question to add here…

Footfall am i right :wink::wink::ok_hand:

So there is a deal breaker when a beacon isn’t visited by its owner. If I remember correctly… It will start reducing the coin gain per “time” not being visited by its “owner”.
So if a beacon is controlled by a guild (inc FF) does this change the rules?

Because i have some (alt) beacons that don’t get visited by their owner. Only by “leadership” (me or my friend) of guild (controlled inc FF) that don’t appear to get this “reduction”.

Because when i do the portal run I empty those and the FF is about the same every week. Even tough the original character hasn’t been anywhere near that beacon in months.

It will slowly get less and less the longer you haven’t visited on the plot owner, until the point where you can be getting like 1c per visit.

I have one of my hubs footfalled out with 10 characters, and didn’t know that mechanic at the beginning, and it got to the point where my main characters beacon had 10x or more the coin as all the ones surrounding it cuz I never visited on the different characters.

Edit, all of those were also guild controlled as well as guild coin controled.

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So that would mean that a beacon not visited by “original” owner in a month or two and has a steady weekly intake of about 5000c that it should be way more if/when visited by “original” owner every week.

(5000c is just a example)

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No. It will still continue to earn less ff. Eventually, it will stop earning.


@ginabean and @Jaidic good to know and thx for the info. :wink: I figured beacon to guild relation had an effect on that part.

But no.
Can only imagine how much FF i lost…
And probably will continue to lose on most beacons. Because I don’t wanna walk to al those nicely separated beacons. :yum: takes to much time to bridge those distances. Lol

Log each of them out on each of their beacons, so you could just log into that character and immedately log out again

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Most of them have multiple over huge distances not really worth it for me :sweat_smile:.
And as most of my builds are on t3 and up most of my alts won’t survive the trip. :wink: