Could Biodomes, for farming, be a thing?

Just have a bunch of built bio-domes that have the atmosphere for each planet within them? Maybe we have to collect stuff from the actual planet in order to keep the bio-dome atmosphere working?


Probably a future asset of “gases” after we have liquids released. I guess you could transport it but I would expect it would be very expensive because of what it is and the qualities of that world is.

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I would love this sort of system. It’s been kicked around the forums in various forms since the early days of alpha, so I’ve had some time to think about how it might best work in Boundless.

Rather than a physical asset like water that takes up space in the game world, gasses might be best represented in boundless as a sort of area of effect radiation from a placed object. Think of gas in a way similar to a torch. You place the torch, the light is intense 1-3 meters in all directions around the torch, then fades off gradually in the next 3-4 meters. Gas might work similarly, emission from a placed object like a gas vent saturates the immediate area and disperses steadily at a distance. Walls and placed objects will prevent gas from bleeding over beyond them, just like a torch in a sealed room. The biggest difference between a gas and light though, is that your atmospheric resistances determine how well you can breath the atmosphere, just like when visiting a high tier world.

There are already in game assets that could be reused for atmosphere production. Only four, maybe five new assets would need to be developed to realize my idea as best as I can tell. You would make: A vaporizer, Vent conduits (act in a manner similar to spark conduits) and atmosphere vents, as well as an asset for atmosphere particle effects.

The idea is that you would place elemental shards in a vaporizer and power the machine with spark. Vaporizing shards then get “pumped” from the vaporizer through conduits to vents where the atmosphere is radiated. You can create grids or systems of conduits to evenly distribute atmosphere over an area, but the more vents in a system, the higher the consumption rate of elemental shards (a bit like how larger portals cost more Oort shard, but at an additive rate). The density or potency of this atmosphere could be augmented by adding the usual power coils to your vaporizer.

Atmospheric green houses would be possible and achievable by the solo player. Massive Eco-dome cities would be a much greater undertaking, but still possible. Want a home world, basic breathable atmosphere? I dunno, maybe use vital/ancient essence instead of elemental shards? Leaves? I’m sure an existing asset would be a good fit.


What if these “gases” were also a mineable resource? That would get players to keep visiting the other planets to replenish their bio-dome atmospheres.

This could be another machine, to extract and compress certain atmospheric components. Something similar to a nitrogen cart used in aviation. It would probably also require an airlock on the biodome. However, this is getting a bit technical for magic, diaper wearing beings.

What if it could be tied from the plants that were harvested from a planet? You put resources from that planet into an enclosed space?

How about an atmosphere emitter and an atmosphere harvester? Sort of like in NMS. Put an atmosphere harvester on a t5 or t6 planet to get condensed shock or whatever from the air, then do the reverse back home (put condensed sulfur in an atmosphere emitter). One emitter per 8x8x8 cube.

Condensed shock and blast etc could also be cool placeable blocks