Could someone screenshot this & next month's event caledar for me?

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I’ve got a browser problem I’m too impatient to troubleshoot at the moment, but for the last few dayish or so the calendar stopped rendering on the events calendar webpage for me–would one of you all be so kind as to screen shot May and June for me?

I am in EU, if it affect the times…


can i have the link to this calendar pls

Thanks to @xyberviri

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If anyone ever sees anything fall out or missing just let me know.

One off hunts i dont add unless i get advanced notice, so like marathons just give me the schedule ahead of time and i can just put TBD as the location with the discord info.

Also this is the direct link to the google calendar that might work

edit: oh neat is that actually work this is the direct link for those not wanting the embed


wuhu thank you! <3<3<3<3<3<3

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It’s probably my browser puking up on something slightly off strict spec, I’m not ready to change browsers, though, Safari’s usually pretty headache-free compared to the other popular ones—this link works great, so I’m all set and even set for the future :D. Great service, would thank again 10/10 stars