Could Use Some Help

So I’m on Xewell and I found this awesome looking cave:

And now I’m trying to build a hive/ant tunnel-like city inside the cave and would like some help. I’ll throw some more screen shots up of what I’ve got so far.

The coordinates should be in one of the screen shots, and I should mention the two actual buildings are protected by a beacon right now, but the rainbow road and the yellow path can be extended and built upon and I’ll make requests to give access to anyone who wishes to help.


Goodluck! To be honest although Xewell is pretty amazing I die too many time grappeling around :stuck_out_tongue:

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You have unique idea in your hands and I could do few things after my own project that will take some time to be finished in world Gortnen.


Definitely any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I’m out right now but I’ll be back later to work on things. The rainbow road I want to extend out into the valley on the other side of the hill/caverns and have a main entrance. Then it’s a matter of building paths off from the main road and building the actual city inside the hillside.

If anyone wants to come up with building ideas, don’t hesitate!

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How does everyone build such amazing things, I struggle to get the resources. Is there some creative mode I don’t know about?

If you press I key you can use your blocks and resources limitless unless crafting something which uses resources normally. Your number of blocks will turn blank and then you have infinite number of blocks!



Just started working on the main building in the valley beyond the hillside with StoneOfEvil, and we’re building it in the style of St. Basil’s Cathedral with four towers in the front and four in the back each with an onion shaped domed roof lit with gleam. Coordinates are there in pic and all extra hands are welcome still :smile:

Okay, I am having a lot of trouble with this circle. At any point if someone wants to come by and lend a hand that would be fantastic as I am not able to figure this out at all it seems