Could we get an Auction house already...please? :)


FF for me at least will never beat the amount of coin I can “earn” from the minter even with my prime spot locations, farms, portals to everything I own

I’ve said this elsewhere. I think the middle ground is that footfall should go the explorer and only a minimal amount to a beacon. Then you have an auction house where you purchase a placeholder token to go collect your goods from the shop.


Well if we’re talking about coin generation, yes, the minter is better 100% of the time for an active player.

But if we’re talking about income generation for a player that’s different. You want shop sales, FF, and items to Mint. A craftable auction house you make to put on your beacon plus an in-game shop registry would help push towards players earning a more diverse income. You’d still want people to travel from place to place no matter what. I don’t think having your traditional auction house window menu would be healthy for this game though.

No auction house. There could be a tab, like under places or character (I don’t like the idea of a gameside house / notice board you can go to, because the person that plots around it get “a lot of power”) where people can add their shopstand info and area, or perhaps a setting on the shop stand that allows player to “show stand in auction tab or not”. Then people can see stores much better and the sellers get footfall.

Maybe not for some. But only time I go visit a new shop is when I hear they have something under current market value which is pretty rare. So about 3 shops get my visit and everything else I’d rather take the time to make myself over trying to find a place at a good price.

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Time is a flat circle.


The people that think an auction house will kill the game because people would stop exploring.

I’m in the same boat as you. I make most of what I need because of the hassle involved with finding stores in stock/fairly priced.

Still as the game gets larger in population (although it isn’t increasing right now in the player base) the issue of finding active and reliable shops is going to continue to grow. The number of portals will explode and the roadmap to finding someone’s Advanced Power Coils at an extra cheap price will be even harder.

I think the bi-product of player behavior in not wanting to visit a bunch of people’s shops is because 99% of the “shops” in the game are dead. When you know from past experience that this is pretty much going to be the case, you tend to limit your choices pretty heavily.

We basically do the same thing in visiting a very select few places where shops are. I think this is mostly because of a time factor or at least it is for me.

So that’s why I suggest a craftable auction house that players still have to visit but there would also be an in-game registry where players can list the location and directions on how to get to their shop/auction house location. Maybe could even have a list of the top 5 or 10 selling items that the shop keeper is selling the most of. I see nothing wrong with that kind of implementation.

It isn’t like the idea of an auction house needs to completely remove the element of travel from the equation, like some other people probably think it would. I also don’t see any point in segregating coin generation through doing specific activities in order to be rewarded the coin. The more broad the game feature touches the player base the better.

Unless theres a location token in your idea I would never use it unless it’s an extremely good deal. Just like there’s places I never visit because they are only connected to one network and it’s one I never use.


I think knowing what people are offering out there could help stimulate people running around a lot more instead of staying in their beacon building their project or out acquiring crafting materials to then continue building their project. But I get what you’re saying since we pretty much are approaching it in similar ways.

Oh, that’s quite interesting, you must be doing something right and that invite footfall to your settlement. However, it does affect footfall to shop lot. While it is true that people who chose not to use auction house would have the chance to do it the “old way” should it be implemented, but why would anyone want to go for a hassle if there is a more efficient way to do things. Implementing auction house would definetely devastate shops and malls build.

I think it’s a mistake that I include settlement building in my sentences. While a settlement can be build without a market, some settlement does has a market section. This is why I include it as a point albeit a less affected one. My perspective is that market is definetely a footfall bonus for settlements. I suppose if an Auction House is implemented, settlement could still build market for role-playing purposes but it doesn’t sit well with me with that being it’s sole purpose.

No we do not invite footfall. . we do not try to generate footfall. That is an underlying assumption that players make is that everything needs to be about generating footfall. If you have a store then you have a store to sell for a profit. At least that is how most games work. You get coin for selling stuff not for people coming into your store.

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If shops could turn off FF generation in favor of no or very little tax cut out of item sales, I think people would do that since in the long term the less item taxes would net more coin in the shop keeper’s pocket. This is 100% an assumption and guess though.

Although this does put a lot of pressure on the shop owner advertising their location, prices, and items being sold.

I’m still against the idea of an all interplanetary, everything shown on one screen, auction house…
Especially not one that doesn’t require you to go to the shop to purchase a required item. Footfall is not just given to shop owners… but every beacon you pass through along the way!

We also need to remember that the Tax value from shop stands was originally intended to be a customisable figure set by the capital of each world - this hasn’t yet been implemented, and I don’t know if it still will be, but it at least needs to be taken into consideration.

That said, however, I think it might worth exploring some of the potential options this concept art presented …

Maybe these could be linked to all shop stands / request baskets within a beacon and the signal is only active if there are items to sell or coin in the baskets.

Some (random) ideas to then gain visibility of those signals could be-

  • They could appear as a coloured marker on an atlas with a socketed item (would work better for selling, but not so well for buying as you’d already need to have one of an item before you try to buy).
  • They could be linked to “signal receiver” game asset which has visibility of all transmitted signals, either at a settlement or planetary level (this could also potentially display prices (maybe ?)). Then if a small fee is deposited, it could set your custom waypoint so you could get to the items you want. The fee could go to the creator of the signal receiver asset as an incentive to craft it and make it accessible.

Maybe you require a location signal of different types to signify what types of items you are selling :man_shrugging: (I’m just throwing ideas around now).

What other things would people suggest along these lines? Personally, I really do not want to see another in game menu to handle this stuff, so an in game way would be much better imo.


I’m in favor of player organized auctions. I did one once back in beta that went surprisingly well for the small number of players that were active at the time. Perhaps it’s time for the community to organize to become the features they want to see.

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I am not sure how a location token to a store really helps.

I want to buy item x and find a store on another planet that has it for a decent price. I use the portals to get to the planet and then I come out on the proper planet and find that the location is on the other side of the planet. So do I trek across the planet? Try to find another portal that might get me closer? or pack it up and go back home?

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Location token gives you the location on your places list and just warp there

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So I spend coin to warp and then coin to buy what I want. It does eliminate the need to walk.

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Well I’m still in the boat with the devs that FF was never the tap nor will it ever be. I’ve also walked across a planet to get some where avoiding everyone’s builds as well except my main network that got me to the planet

Well, it is still a tap… even if only a dripping one.