Craft an item coffer


Its the unfortunate side effect of how it works in other games.

The 1st few times a new player open the boxes in boundless, they might not understand that it is not random, it can look random because they are new to the game and don’t know better or don’t pay attention, and if they quit the game for whatever reason shortly afterwords, then they might not ever learn that it is not random at all,

Unfortunately, there are some bad steam reviews spreading this misinformation due to that.


Ridiculous?! Eh, no! That is genius, not “ridiculous” whatsoever. Love this idea. We NEED this!! :heart:


The concept of what you have proposed is absolutely fine. It is a great idea. We all had to learn how this game works and alot of it by ourselves. If, for example, you craft the coffer and do a hand trade with your friend (or noob) then you’ll explain what it is, therefore you avoid confusion. If we over think the concept, then it gets confusing. Being able to create a goodie bag for people would be a fantastic addition.


i have some off those as decorative item if you weren’t around then i can give ya one i keep it aside :smiley: doesnt do much just looks like it