Craft More out of the source blocks: Wood to Wood planks, Stones from Rocks

I’ve noticed while playing that you only get one plank per timber block and a few stones for one rock and would like to suggest something. Would it be possible to increase the amount of wood planks you get out of timber blocks and stones out of rocks. I was thinking like four planks per timber block and four per rock block. I wanted to ask this because when playing the game it feels like you are always getting wood or rocks but still never have enough wood or stones to really work with, which consumes almost all your time ingame.


Building on this concept…

I don’t want to see a game that is too easy to do everything as mid to long term goals are a good thing in a MMO sandbox game. So how do you acknowledge what Blondkid is saying without killing the longevity of this game. I personally think that skills based progression is the way…

When your a new start, your skills are low and you should really only need to build a simple shelter and place to live. In doing so you start to see a larger estate for you to live with, start to see grand buildings. By the time you have a modestly functioning small estate you will likely have run a few skills up and can now start to see multipliers to output (say 11 planks for 10 timber, 12 stones for 10 rocks, etc…). Keep a slowly rolling multiplier as the player progresses and it allows players to start that next bigger project that is a stepping stone to the next, so on and so on… The devs can determine the scale of multiplier that is appropriate.

This also fuels the benefit of concentrating your skill points in a profession of specialization. If you are a miner, metal crafter, with heavy skills investment there, you can pump out the metals and raw ores, and then use the tidy profits from this to buy the other components that you need.

As it seems to stand now, I am a jack of all trades, excelling an none and have a long treadmill run on all profession to gather the inputs for anything beyond a simple beginning estate.


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