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On The Spooky Orb’s

Can you create the seeds for the spiders and bats after the event?
Can you also create the bat and spider after the event?

seeds, I don’t think so, but my memory might not be the best source of knowledge here lol;

spiders and bats can be grown continuously as long as you have the seeds in store; so, craft as much seed as you can so you have enough till the next halloween :grin:


I always thought you couldn’t get the source materials but could do everything else. But, honestly I wouldn’t trust that since I cannot remember if I did make seeds outside of an event or not. Better safe than sorry and make sure you have stuff you need after the event.

We should definitely check if we can do the seeds afterward just so we all can know and hopefully remember - lol.

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yes you can create the seeds after the event, I have for the last year. The only limitation I had was having enough spooky orbs to keep making everything I wanted to make :slight_smile:


Thanks For The Info

Thanks For The Info

Thanks For The Info