Crafted things vanish?


I started building some stuff and the next time I logged in it was gone. I guess it was becauseof the world regeneration feature?..

How can I build things that last? Do I need walls around my stuff or must I place a beacon? I tried placing a beacon but that didn’t work. I took the beacon control and right clicked but the game told me I can’t place a beacon here…

Any tips from you guys?


Yes, the world-regenerating reset the world if you not protect your spot with a beacon.
Are you sure you not tried to place the controller inside someone elses beacon?
It worked fine for me.

No - I’m not sure wether I did correct with the beacon…

I hold the beacon plotter in my hands - the right hand has the plus sign. Then I right click. And I always get the message “Can’t add a beacon plot here”.

You must first put down the beacon block. The plotter tool then expands off of the beacon.


Thx Havok40k.

A beacon block? I did not know that I have to use a block. Do I have to craft them or can I find them?

You should have started with one. It is currently grey in color with the word “beacon” on the side. This item does not yet have an in-game model.

That worked. Thank you.

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