Crafters Mod

Finished the Crafters Mod. Should be complete for nearly all of the current recipes in game. I did not add the ingredients for Fresh Vital Essence due to the large variety of options to make them.
Also, the food ingredients for the recipes with raw / cooked will be listed under the “raw” version.

This mod adds Single, Bulk, Mass (S,B,M) craft output amounts with a list of the ingredients needed and amounts for Single, Bulk, Mass crafting to the item description viewable from right clicking an item in inventory.

It also works in the Knowledge tab for the item you are looking up as well as when you hover over an item in the ingredients list at the bottom of the knowledge entry. Some recipes, like Syrup below, that have a couple of options to craft them should have the different ingredients for the optional methods to craft.

Can download it from the link below and it goes in this folder \Boundless\assets\archetypes\strings
It is always a good idea to make a backup copy of the original before replacing it with the mod one.

Updated Link after Rel244

For ease of use, this mod also contains the World Protection Info and World “Best Bow” mods.

All of the recipe amounts are from the game files so please let me know if anything is wrong or looks odd (I think there are some Bulk and Mass craft amounts listed for recipes that have no way to do Bulk or Mass crafts)

Hope you find it as handy as I do!


No formating makes it hard to read. I do apreciate the effort, and it’s supper usefull, but it might be better.

Did you try to use \t ?
I think it will make things better. If not, maybe spaces. I presume you are using a script to fill in the information (if not I could help with that if you parse the msgpack to json - i am on mac and can’t setup the tools available here).

    S |    B |    M
    3 |   12 |   22
Spicy Bean
   12 |   62 |  122

or if there is space

Ing   |    S |    B |    M
Glass |    3 |   12 |   22
Spicy |   12 |   62 |  122
Bitter|   12 |   62 |  122
Raw St|   12 |   62 |  122
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Yeah, I originally wanted better formatting but was concerned about the number of characters I could get away with since some of the recipes have many ingredients… and having it all on the same line I did try but it seemed to cause wrap around issues unless you hand edited the amount of characters in the item name.

Either way, you are more than welcome to make edits to the mod. Here is the unpacked english.json and my converted recipes amounts listing in a google sheets.

I used a js script to format the strings. I tried to do something about the font. but without the actual font I can’t get the exact size of the characters (to see how many spaces I need to add). This is why I left the numbers to the left, it was easyer to count the size of the numbers/spaces.

I finally got a chance to work on a node app that can edit the msgpack and now I can actually edit it on my own. The code is a mess, and I don’t think I want to format it and so on (maybe not now at least) as I don’t have the time, but here it is, in case it helps anybody.

And here is the msgpack.

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Wasn’t aware it would show up here to (in a shop)

I think this would go Great with butt, integrated with it and getting medium prices, updated each week, so you don’t have to check butt each time you want to buy something and can’t remeber the price. I have some old prices on my machine, will add that also today and see how it goes :).

Would it be possible to expand this mod to include info on the blocks of which tool best use to gather it? :pray:

For example, the tooltip on Tangle would have info which says: “Best tool: Axe”

Yup, should be a pretty easy addition to be honest

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Added the best tool tip to all the items in the list you linked and a few other base items as I went through the list.

New msgpack with the Best tool: added to the Crafters Mod (and World Protection / Best Bow) is available here:

A few examples of what it looks like in game.







Mod updated to work with Release 244, but have not added the gleambow recipe breakdowns yet

This mod does still include best bow and world protection info as well.

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Requested access.

try this link

Was there an update last night? The mod was missing this morning.

there was a small hotfix, yes

Edit: Updated the OP with a new link that should work for everyone… hopefully.

Worked for me this time, thank you for the super quick update!

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