Crafting bug?

So I load my furnaces with silty soil and sand to cook up glass Friday I come back to the game Sunday already had a stack in there. I should’ve had two stacks of glass already cooked up in my furnace and now I have to redo this task again. my boyfriend also experiences in his extractor was making pink essence and the next day they were still not done and when make the pink essence they already done definitely a crafting bug. Anybody else experiencing this we’re on Angel experiencing this bug

I’ve never experience “missing” crafting results - if that’s what you mean?

One stack of Silty and one stack of Sand makes half a stack of glass. So loading up a second stack of Silty and Sand would end up with one full stack. Could that be what you are seeing?

Yes I have a full stack of both items when I did this Friday and came back to the game Sunday today I’m west coast and only had the 1 stack that was l ready in the furnace. I should’ve had a second stack of glass already done and cooked but I didn’t and now I have to redo this task again.

2 stacks of Silty + 2 stacks of Sand = 1 stack of Glass


You only get 450 glass from 1 stack of sand and silty. So you probably had half a stack done and a half you made.


I had stack of 900 of silty and 900 of sand I literally farm a butt load of each item to make a lot of glass

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What they are saying is 900 silty and 900 sand makes 450 glass


It’s a bit of a turn off but as @HOST says. You put one smartstack of silt, and one smartstack of sand in and all you get is 450 glass. That is normal. But I can understand the frustration behind it. That’s why I always found that 2-3c per glass is kinda too low in price.


Okay I understand now that is a bit frustrating :expressionless:. But the crafting with extractor I can queue up my extractor machine with hide and fat to make the pink essence and it’ll be done the next day, but my boyfriend queue up he’s extractor with fat and hide and the next day his isn’t done yet?


Does he have the same amount of machine coils?
Coils reduce crafting times


Yes he has the full amount of coils 24 and he always repairs them when they are wear down

Make sure to empty the machine as it holds only 8SS
If it’s full it’s on hold till you make space enough for the next mass craft

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Do you have advanced coils and maybe he has regular coils? Are your machines using the same fuel/spark pool? If not, maybe he’s using a lesser fuel than you are.

Isn’t there an epic for crafting that reduces time? Maybe you have it and he doesn’t?


Have that too, since 8 weeks

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It’s important which skill page you are on when you click the craft as well. There have been many times that I went back to my workshop after doing something and wasted a ton of spark/time clicking machines on my gathering page.

Apparently if you have the tax epic and you visit your shop on the wrong skill page it will start charging you full tax, too. A bit troublesome if your shop is in your base.


The materials that you use to make the pink essence, each one has different extraction times. Some take longer than others.
Also, anything over 12 advanced coils is diminishing returns.

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Anything over 12 coils over the power requirement for the craft.

You can see small benefits to 16 coils.

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Nope they are all advance coils and we both load our spark generators with Timberwood for spark

Yes I know this we both load our extractor machines with fat and hide with bulk craft