Crafting Job

Is anyone up to doing a crafting job for me?

I am interested in a Mass Craft of all 255 colors of Ornate Stone Box.

If someone is interested in the job please respond or DM me with details and price.

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You could also see if anyone with make you sprays of each colour and spray the storage blocks. Just a thought. :v::beers:

That would work to, I don’t have a goo farm yet to do sprays and I’ve yet to find a spray shop with every color

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@Shadykatt34 Chan’s Brandywine Market has every color spray


Never seen this shop, can you send directions :thinking:

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@CaptAmerica1611 I don’t have all the colours stocked at the moment but you’ll find most of them there. TNT have a portal in the malls and markets section Brandywine Market


You could also ask @PrincessMaude or @Freebrains as they both have big goo farms.

Well the offer is out. I take a crafting job of the chests or 100 of every color spray. Either is fine.

I’m going out of town for the next couple days. If it has not been done, I can do it when I come back. I assume it would be all done by Tuesday. Next Thursday at the latest


Awesome, I’m a patient person. Thanks

Gonna start working on this. You got any preference? For either the 100 spray of each color or the chests?
Might take longer to get all the sprays together

Whichever would be cheaper in coin in the end is the one that would be better :smile:

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