Crafting, Pick two

i’d love to see the crafting system as something specified so not everybody can do everything but people need to work and talk together, so personally i think it would be awesome if leveling crafting was hard and rewarding, while being very specified, that way people may decide to make small cities with player vendors,
so 2 crafts for each person ideas for it would be,

Loremaster: i just recently found this in divinity and i love the idea, making a craft that makes you able to identify found items in the world, that way if people find something good they have to find an identifier and that way some people may work as high level identifiers taking money for it

Bowyer, Gunsmith: Making bows and arrows/guns if you are going to add it ingame

Heavy Weaponsmith: Making you able to make 2 hand weapons like greathammers and scythes and stuff

Light Weaponsmith: Being able to make 1 hand axes and swords and things like that

Blacksmith, Leatherworker and Tailor: If you have diferent types of armor then one from each type and being able to repair the gear of their type with a few mats. maybe you can still have npc repairmen but then that would be extremely expensive and not as effective.

Staff Crafting: Able to make staffs and whatever mage weapons you add

Shield Crafting: If you add it to the game

Scribe: A person that can write and make books and scrolls, the higher the level the longer the books

Tamer: instead of letting everybody be able to tame the beasts of the game, get specified tamers that can go into the wilds and through great effort tame pets for people to buy and use, and if not then maybe they will be able to tame higher tier pets or predators that cant be tamed by normal people either for self use or selling.

Jewelcrating: Being able to make trinkets, Amulets, Necklaces, rings and so on.

Alchemist: being able to make potions and craft dyes.

Miner, Woodworker and Herbalist: so everybody would be able to gather the mats as raw ingredients used for building but these would be the people able to refine the ingredients into mats that can be used for crafting needed by other people.

i see you have alot of strange looking and special looking masks and the like and another hard thing that could be cool is to be able to customize look or weapons and armor when making it, even in little details so not everybody looks the same.

And alot more. People need to work for it and most people just leave crafting in games because if everybody can do everything then there is really nothing to it. So i’d recommend blueprints for every item so not everybody can do the same, the hardcore crafters can buy them from people that may explore and look for them, A tier system of materials and weapons so people need new types, limitations like your standard mmo where you may need to be 50 out of 400 in the crafting skill to be able to make an oak staff or something like that and then randomized stats when making weapons and armor for the need to make multiple items to make the best gear.

I really belive in this game and i know it may be hard to do this but the things needed in games the most is player interaction where people need to trade stuff, a proper economy where you cant just sell everything to vendors, and you guys have it really hard being called a minecraft clone so you have to prove yourself worthy to the world, i know you can :smiley:


I really love your ideas Zouls :smiley: It would also be really cool if there would be writable books where people could write recipes down that they discovered earlier and sell them instead of using a wiki :smiley:

I am also a big fan of the idea that you can actually write ingame books and notes.

that way i might be able to write a treasure map and leave it somewhere, or an explorer actually writing what is around in the different areas and different coordinates selling those books to people.

also a genius idea was a map system, the idea was that you could make a map of an area, that map was a physical item, so you could place it on a wall, that would allow crafters to have a huge map marked with places they can get certain maps or have a waroom filled with maps to figure out which worlds would be good to invade.

or to add to your wall map idea, places that have large supplies of materials so miners could note where to go or where something is mined out at. Or maybe where titans are so that a group could know where to find one if you needed to kill it for rare materials (assuming they implement that idea).

I like the idea of Loremaster and Tamer…

What about strategic maps? So the leaders of a guild could discuss where to attack the other guild or build walls to defend their territory with map markers.
I kinda dislike the mini map that is currently ingame. In my opinion normal map-items would be way cooler :confused:

Hey so how about a pyramid like skill thing since the game is kind of tier based it seems

so at a low tier level everyone can do every thing like dagger smiting and all that to really get a feel for it and play around a bit however at this tier you can only make bases things nothing to impressive

how every as you go to the new tier level you can only take a few skills higher really specializing in those and in every tier level you give up more and more till you really have one you are mastered at till you have one or two that you specialize in so like frost dagger smith and a poison spear maker?

ya? na?

I totally agree with you on this idea of segmenting crafting. Preventing players from becoming 100% self sufficient is always a good thing imo. We should aim for like 65% self sufficency.
You proposed a lot of Ideas for crafting classes, but I think there’s too many. For the sake of new players It would be good if these crafting categories were grouped into about 3 different “classes” and then the player gets to pick one.
It might also be cool to create a recipe system where people have to find recipes before they can unlock their crafting, just to make the game last longer.
On the flip side, I think there should be a handful of basic and important crafting recipes that everyone can do (whether or not they need a recipe is up to the devs). You know, simple things like torches, lighting, making slabs and stairs, basic tools and items, etc.
Not being self sufficient makes the game fun, but if too many crafting recipes are limited it can make the game a chore just to get everyday items that you need.

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3 crafting classes is waaaay too little. i would says wows amount would be the bare minimum. they have 11 and then 3 secondary that doesnt have any limit. it shouldnt be as execessive and confusing as SWG or the repopulation but they should be split up. so a Light weaponsmith would have all of the 1 hand weapons with different exp bars. so making a dagger will give 100 dagger exp and 10 exp in the rest of them. and it would take a ton of time to master them all. that way you can have 1 dude who makes nothing but daggers, especially if they give the ability to tweak the stats by allowing the use of different materials that will change them.

it would remove a ton of competition in the leveling process in my eyes, which kinda sucks. but it would be a good middle ground solution.

From Time-based crafting of the first forum. Because I think it must be here.

[quote=“Meteoriteman”]As crafting is really common in voxel games and we are getting one, I thought that some things can be really cool to add in. I know they can be a pain to code in, as I’ve attempted to do a simulation purely in code and I almost lost my mind on it, but it is plausible.
My idea would be something like real world crafting. For this example I’ll use a simple sword.
Say you need 3 ores to make the blade. First you have to smelt them. This takes time, but not too much as you can screw it up by over-smelting it. Once you think it’s at it’s proper point, you have to hit it with a hammer to shape it properly. All of this things should influence the quality of the sword, as it’s hardness, strenght, flexibility and balance.
Of course it’s a weird concept, but it would make crafting much more impressive and complicated, but not too much, adding to the experience and allowing for all players to learn different ways of making certain items and equipment.[/quote]

[quote=“Okkelinor”]Long ago I played in online game “City Lane”. It has craft system with three kind of resources: time, mastery points and materials.
Amount of mastery points used for crafting has been determining for quality of production and time, that you need to expend. For the best thing, that you can do, you had to wait four hours. And until end of crafting your character could only talk in chat – not to move, no action.

Amount of mastery points was determined by level of craftsman’s skill and numbers of prohibitions for production. Every prohibition does item useless for one of the playable races, but does increase amount of mastery points. An item has the highest quality, if it could be used only by one race.[/quote]

[quote=“Havok40K”]Crafting is already pretty well worked out, according to what I’ve heard from the devs. It’s to be a sort of craft from list style with a modifyer item to get unique properties to add a discovery element. So, craft a sword from materials you have, but add a topaz and get faster attack speed, etc. That way it’s simple enough for light users, but still has a discovery element.

I think an artisan approach to top end items that requires a skilled and knowledgeable craftsman to craft would be exciting and rewarding though. Crafting II?[/quote]

I know that one, i also made this same post around 6 months ago as the one you are in now.

You mean your topic Crafting, Pick one?
This posts was written 2nd march, only 8 days ago. Not all of this ideas you have already described.

I want just to share story about “City Lane”. It’s very… [not know necessary word] very dear for me.

i like the idea of it taking a bit of time so you cant just mass produce, but it shouldnt take 4 hours as you described, thats just insane.

We did it so: start a produce something and go to sleep. Until morning all was made. Start again and go to real job. Until evening you got second good of the highest quality. Or nearly six items per day, if you can repeat it every four hours.
Finally you can do something simple at half of hour and start going to adventures.

That is not something i would like personally. when you log out, your character is gone, not in the game, you shouldnt do petty time consuming stuff like that, ESO did it with traits so it would take days to get a new trade where you couldnt unlock anything else.

i dont want to be forced to log in at specific hours to just have a chance of leveling crafting, you who use 2 hours should not be better at crafting than me who uses 7 hours on it each day. the more you craft the better the crafting becomes, so the more ingame time i use not outgame, the better i become.

i have honestly never heard of a system like you described before. ever :confused:

I like the systems outlined above. Something to add:

Someone said that the lowest level of every tree should be available. maybe tie the crafting to both recipes and materials, so that everyone starts out being able to craft basic bone, stone, leather and wood tools, weapons and armor. This assumes that bones will be a material. I think there is another post suggesting this. At a basic level, when players start out, they can craft tribal type gear. Then they will have to get together with other people in communities and choose how they want to specialize.

The “open to anyone” skills should also allow for a little growth. There should be a number of skills that can be obtained without specializing. I have never worked a forge before but I could go smelt some ore and hammer it into a crappy sword after watching someone do it once. It won’t be worth much, but I could.

I also think it would be funny if players with a low scribe skill had a kindergartner font automatically, and words were automatically misspelled. Then as you became more literate, the automatic misspellings got better, and the game stopped warping your font as much.

Also, a question: do we know how combat skills will be handled in this game? Are we all going to have a set number of points to allocate, similarly to how rift handles it’s classes?

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