Crafting Repository


  1. In addition to the “auto-queue” feature you have (presumably) planned, offer up a new machine that can be connected to your machine network and acts as a repository.
  2. Items placed in the repository are used for any connected machines including those that have auto-queue set up.
  3. Allow items that are to optionally be placed back into the repository automatically after crafting is complete. This would allow any machines you have set to auto-queue the higher-level recipes that requires the previous one (i.e. Compact Iron gets compacted because you have a compactor auto-queueing iron bars from the repository and a refinery you have set up to auto-queue refined iron picks that up when it’s available and crafts).

This new machine would allow players like myself to focus on gathering and building while still maintaining crafting times.


I’d like to be able to connect multiples of these “repositories” to my machines, and I want to control the input and output repositories. Ideally I’d like to have a repository in to which I dump my ore, that puts it in to furnaces which push the bars in to another repository which is connected to a bank of compactors, which push to another repository etc etc.


Having Space Engineers like centralized system or Factorio like conveyor belts system would be sweet.

I mean no offense, but this comes off as incredibly rude and entitled, just because people don’t agree with you.
Please, don’t resort to passive aggressive tones like this, because it always leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of everyone involved.

You can get your point across without it, and in the end, everyone leaves the discussion happier, without sowing bitterness in the community.

The other thread seemed to be that overall, it wasn’t the crafting that was the issue, nor was the majority in agreement.
The timers in question, however, went kind-of 60-40 in favor, more or less. I’m sure there’s a middle-ground to be reached there, since things to speed up timers, and the ‘impatience’ leading to buying things while waiting.
However, this isn’t the thread for the continued discussion of that part.

Sorry for the post being semi off-topic, but I felt I had to clear up some things in the OP.

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Sadly you failed at it tho…

Starting this off with that first paragraph wasn’t the best move, was it?


Great ideas, I always have to pick up the ingredients, craft, then go put everything back.

People will always clutch onto the less-fun game mechanics with a death grip lol like the game will somehow die without them.

Only problem i see is when you want white storage units but the pipe pulls black rocks and you get black shelves instead.

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