Crafting Snowballs Broken?

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“Collect up some Ice to handcraft Snowballs to throw at the new Snowspitter enemies while avoiding their own snowball attacks”
Broken? No craft snowball option in my handcraft list…


Not until December 18th


Ah, guess i didn’t read the fine print. Ty!


Also from what a read, snowball are crafted from Ice block dropped with meteors and not normal ice block but i could be wrong.


I hope thats not the case, as you wouldn’t be able to complete the meteor if you can’t throw snowballs at the creatures!

Im pretty sure we’ll be able to craft them on the 18th from regular ice that we can stockpile :stuck_out_tongue:


As i read it I thought you might have to make it from the meteor ice and craft them during the fight or maybe in prep for the next one you do


I read it like there will be snowballs you craft with regular ice that you can throw at other people and snowballs you craft during the meteor event used solely for killing the meteor spitters


This is the quote.
It says during the oortmas event, not during the snowball meteorite event.

So we can craft the snowballs with regular glacier or ice after the 18th.


Also this. 2 types of snowballs from what I understand


Thats because the snowball meteors will only drop in snowy areas. There will be ice around the meteor.
Same snowballs :wink:


Meteors will drop on every world right? I live on sorissi and dont think i’ve ever seen ice there :thinking:. I guess we shall see


We are getting snow for the holidays so I think that will be where you get ice on some planets


The suspense is killing me


The “snow” we are getting just covers the top blocks with a white haze. It fades in when it starts snowing and fades out when it stops snowing.