Crafting: Workbench GUI

I’ve been working on more final GUI systems (current GUI is all testy-protoypey-proof-of-concepty stuff). I thought I’d throw up a piece for the Workbench and not explain what’s going on because :a:: I’m felling lazy, and :b:: I’d like to see how you guys read and understand what’s going on. Some things may not make sense, but let’s see what happens!

Caveat: this isn’t styled, it’s a wireframe, basically a functional layout mockup.



it looks awesome, good job

i hope we can test it if the steam beta released

I have to say it really looks like an app you could put on your phone^^

Also it seems like we’ve got there another coin sink for expanding the input and output spaces.
And we got a time sink for crafting.

But the last picture is very mysterious.
Seems like experienced crafter will be able to put those sliders exactly where they need to be to make the best things they can.


I really like the direction the art style has taken in the UI, despite the lack of color apparent in these images. One thing I’m only a little worried about is the arrows to switch between tabs like on a phone/console, which I don’t think would feel so good on PC.

Nonetheless, it looks pretty interesting. I’ve added them to the devlog collection.

I´d assume that some keyboard keys (Q,E) will be assigned to those arrows for PC users by default.

PS: I really love the implementation of a timesink into the crafting system :+1:

  • The stacked items vs …gridded item stacks is pretty bizarre to me. I’m assuming they represent different things, but both look like a stack of items at first glance.
  • There’s a LOT going on; particularly in the 2nd image.
    • Having to have a quick description under the name of each item seems, well, like a hint that items probably need better (more obvious) names?
    • The ingredients summary might not be very readable on smaller TVs for PS4 folk
  • I like making tradeoffs, and image 4 seems like it’s doing that! And whatever the mysterious rings represent seems fun.

Looks really nice. I like how there is a build time count down for higher level items.

The grid is probably for items that can´t be stacked up to 99 for balance reasons. (potions, bombs and that kind of stuff).
And the 3x3 grid seems like a quite smart solution for that to me (definitely better than the MInecraft approach where items just stack up to 16 without any indicator that the items is not as “stackable” as normal items)


As long as it’s fast and fluid enough for a skilled user to use whilst on the go (quickly during combat or while running away), that’s good enough for me.

I think this is meant for use in a workshop, not field crafting. There would be no need to be mobile while using these interfaces. Well, assuming you assemble your workshop in a secured location that is. You probably would not do this on board a Titan.


I was thinking of the current UI but if that’s the case that’s not as much of a problem, but efficiency is still be paramount.

YES I loved that part :smiley:

Also apparently our energy is called spark which is a nice name.

The fact that this thing are using huge amounts of energy (102,000 sounds like a lot at least) would indicate that yes :smiley:


While that control scheme is always good, there’s still the occasional game that doesn’t have that option and you have to click on the arrows (looking at you Warframe)…but yeah I hope the devs do implement the QE thing.

Definitely means players won’t be able to do everything by themselves if they want to remain on top. I like how it pushes for socialization but doesn’t expressly restrict solo play.


Yeah the Warframe Crafting was definitely a pain in the…

I think with an UI that is structured like that a ‘QE thing’ is almost mandatory and if the community keeps asking for it it will hopefully be added.

Any chance that you can confirm/deny the implementation of a ‘QE thing’?

I really enjoy it when games do this. I’m typically a solo player anyway, so it’s good that they don’t burden people like me :smile:


These are looking really interesting indeed!

The first 3 screens are quite self-explanatory… really curious about that last one though! World Frequency … does that mean things can be crafted differently on different worlds?

There’s a nice couple of extras in there too with regards to craftable items! … Iron Arrow, Iron Tips, Iron Slingbow Quiver, Iron Lance Quiver (??), Pipes, Compactor, Extractor

I get the unnerving feeling I will be adding A LOT of new items to the crafting site soon lol

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Hmm, may be the 4th panel is for the influence of the world you are on with the station. May be the constelation of the world and the cosmos as a whole has an influence on the outcome’s additions or alterations. There is another game which uses a similar system: Shroud of the Avatar. There the constalation of planets and stars in the nightsky have an influence on the crafting results (in matter of small boni or alterations of stats). Would be cool to have such a system in B< too (but please keep it cool but simple ^^)

Idk what all of that mean a but im liking it

We’ll absolutely provide optional keyboard (and controller) shortcuts for GUI. These mockups are a little information dense at the moment – as a rule I do tend to throw everything into my mockups to test how readable they’ll be in stress cases. Colour will help a lot with readability.

Bit of visibility on my process here: rather than designing a crafting screen, I’ve actually been designing the structure and widgets for almost all of our 1.0 GUI and then applying that structure to features (like crafting) to see if it works. Factors I’ve been considering for this:

  • Responsive table-based interface that can stretch and shrink to provide maximum use of space based on the screen.
  • Awesome navigation experience for KB/Mouse players
  • Awesome navigation experience for controller players (DPAD and/or v-mouse)
  • Future support for touch interfaces (Windows 10 tablets for example)
  • Support for low or non-standard resolutions (such as SD TVs, windowed mode)

And as I’m feeling leaky today…