[crash] Multiple Crashes - Building Underground on Sochaltin I

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Hi hi

I’ve submitted two reports in the past hour or two, both what would appear to be identical crashes.

I’m underground, testing new stuff with water and soil, just placing blocks, and it crashes.

Submitted under the same username as my forum username.


I’ll be submitting another, sometime soon, but I’m getting them more regularly since I switched to an HDMI output for my screen.

I’ve noticed, before, that monkeying with HDMI sockets immediately causes connectivity warnings in the past, which I thought was a bit weird.

Still, none of this is me equating the two, just mentioning it, is all.

These crashes all seem to be happening after either recent portal activity, or when the game has had to do a bit of thinking with regards to the world around the character.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure when I fire up again in a couple of minutes there’s going to be another crash report, same username as this one … hopefully something obviously is happening. :slight_smile: