[CRASH] Sanctum to Home Beacon, When Back to Desktop Steam Client Update Has Downloaded

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Hi, you can probably close this immediately, however I’m just supplying context to the logs I’m about to submit (same username) … my client crashed when I used the sanctum to portal home from a sovreign (I was on Bethir collecting green grass) and I’m wondering if the effect of Steam downloading a client update (I’m on BETA) caused the game to crash.

I feel like there’s maybe a sensitivity to Steam stuff with the game, because I stopped using the Steam Browser to access the forum (FF instead) and my number of crashes dropped radically (not completely) pre-update.

Again, though, this can be closed if you like, am about to fire up again, will submit crash report if it asks.

hapened again, no update this time, will restart just to submit, but can’t be bothered to carry on right now … might be on again later … pip pip! :slight_smile:

huh … it didn’t give me a crash reporter … :frowning: